• SECRET Christopher Lippincott Texas Story His Accomplices HIDE Cover up Revealed

    From Women beating to Blackmails, Little blonde haired boys, drugs, alcohol abuse, and a Mental illness, Christopher N Lippincott Texas Cockroach breeding scumbag, posesses it all, Its all Public information FACTS and Evidence, NOT made up as Lippincott shouts day after day as he and his Sick like minded Gang Shout, its all slanders Logans never done nothing in his life. Goes to church buys his Neighbours Sweets every Tuesday and such.

    The most alarming and worry is why do those who knew the Real Truth on Certified Boat Sales Haltom City Texas Christopher N Lippincott. COVER and Lie for him? and even go so far as to spend money and time, everytime TRUTH is shown on Logan Christopher Neil Lippincott, to attack and slander those who know the truth? Why would anyone knowing the truth LIE for him? Those who are, MUST only be involved in some of his Sick behind the scenes activities, and pushed in to a situation of Logan Christopher Lippincott, Telling them back me up or he will Tell all and slander them also.


    These weak accomplices are shown after the IMPORTANT report which was received at YoutubeRats.com. The Reporter has insisted on not being named as they are close to Christropher N (Logan) Lippincott and his Partner Chaz Todd Finley ,in TBR Certified Boat Sales of Haltom City in Texas, they are very scared that if they are known as the one who told the story, they will be attacked and may even be beaten assaulted, by the Finley Boats Cars,Texas Crew, and the Gangs History of Assaults online and offline known about, we well understand the risk they have taken in bringing the Real Truth on The Christopher Neil Lippincott, assault incident.

    The records in the Public domain relating to the Assault and Prevention of allowing needed help for the victim, is now no more a mystery, as they advise the Occasion, this 2012 incident took place.

    The Report said Christopher Neil Lippincott (Logan) had been drinking or was highly drugged up, and entered in to a mad rage, the woman who he was with at the time, was suddenly pounced on for something she said, and Christopher Lippincott using that name at the time, beat her ferociously like a man posessed. The woman laid screaming on the floor begging him to stop, but Lippincott just carried on seemingly enjoying every blow and kick as she was laying on the floor with blood dripping from her face and head. After several minutes Logan seemed to realize the damage he had done, he stopped, just sat on a chair and as she was crying and begging for help he laughed. The woman repeatedly tried to call 911 for assistance on her mobile and Logan Lippincott still laughing smashed the phone, and stopped medical and Police help being made. This is why on the Police Charges it shows 2 charges.
    One is for the assault, while the second is for the Obstruction and hinderence of allowing the victim urgent help and medical attendance. It was much later the woman could get away and drag herself to raise the alarm, Police then arrived and Logan was duly arrested and charged. The Report then said that Logan had either threatened the woman victim to NOT go ahead and continue the charges or she would pay the consequences, this detail is unknown how Lippincott escaped Prison time, but some mental clause and a deal that Logan Lippincott, MUST do a Anger Control course or similar, this part they say is not clear, the charges and the story is known, the conclusion the reporter is not sure of the very final events, as not many will speak of the incident the woman victim, still carries the scars, mentally and physically on her face, but she has left Texas and moved away to escape.

    Christopher Lippincott Texas Assault Story Cover up Revealed ARREST Data

    Now the charge sheet is FACT the 2 seperate charges, do concur the Persons knowledge, so is accurate. The Burning question is when the easily Public domain charge is known and ALL these listed below, KNOW all this and KNEW the assaults and the woman being beaten up by Logan, Chris Lippincott, do they HIDE it and Lie to cover?

    Christopher Lippincott Texas Assault Story Cover up Revealed  Christopher Lippincott Texas Assault Story Cover up Revealed Charges

    WHAT Sick secrets does Logan have on these obviously sick minded like people? The FACTS speak for themselves. Check the USA Public domain charge sheets do the searches, NOT bogus but official Police arrests, and this assault is the second assault by Christopher Lippincott, again a Woman ! Again it was in a drunk state and he was kicked out the military for it. WHY are these protecting him what is it Lippincott has on his Partner at TBR Certified Boat Sales Texas, Charles Todd Finley Fort Worth Texas, that makes them accept a Woman beater as being fine and not a problem, just one of his hot headed moments.

    dazza-the-cameraman-david-greig-greg-Tauranga-New Zealand C J Storey Washington Seattle Lippincott Assister Brandon-Pittman-Sara-J-Pittman-Christy-Chubbies-Beaver Creek-Ohio-FUND Help C N Lippincott William-A-Price-dignity-village-Portland-Oregon-USA-PC Cleaner Hacker AIDS Lippincott

    When something looks and smells rotten, normally it is, and this small bunch are hiding some serious stuff which Lippincott obviously has on them. WHAT Is it? Pedophilia ring? Drugs? Who knows, but anyone who would HIDE and Lie to cover Lippincott, when this has been known what a sick man he is, has to be in on his Gang of Hate violence and depravity. He has been Free to run online gofundme scams, gets given money when he calls for it, it is all very puzzling.

    Christopher-lippincott-finleys-boats-texas-Woman Beater ShockChristopher-lippincott-finleys-boats-texas-Woman BeaterChristopher-lippincott-finleys-boats-texas

    The Woman in the Picture above, is ONLY a Example of a women beaters craftmanship, and NOT the Victim.


    For those who want to verify above link will show just one of the Public Records of the Charges on this incident, which His Partners in Crime Shout and try and hide..


    SECRET Christopher Lippincott Texas Assault Story His Accomplices HIDE Cover up Revealed




    As we all know Christopher Neill Lippincott from 5005 NE Loraine St Haltom city Texas, always says this is is not him and that everyone is wrong. Well we will be showing what we have found out what

    Christopher Neill Lippincott does not want people to know.

    We have found that through his Hawaii connection, that he is Christopher Neill Lippincott. and that he is also known as Christopher Lippencott. We know this because his is also connected to Sheri Lippincott.

    Sheri Lippincott has connections to Christopher Neill Lippincott, as she was married to him and she also lived with him in Hawaii, and also in Haltom City.

    As you can see in the images below he has lived at the same places she has.

    Christopher Neill Lippincott Haltom City Texas HawaiiSheri Lippincott Christopher Neill Lippincott Haltom City texas

                                                                           Christopher Lippincott also uses Lippencott lived in Waipahu Hawaii                  as did Sheri T Lippincott 

    Christopher Neill Lippincott Sheri Lippincott Haltom city Texas

    Sheri Lippincott is the female that Christopher Lippincott beat when he was stationed in Hawaii while serving in the armed forces. This is why there is no deatails of the accual offense as the armed forces always keep it in house and will only disclose to the police for public record what the offense was and not the deatails.As we showed in a previous article Christopher Lippincott does have a criminal record for harming a family member.

    Christopher Lippincott States he doesnt have a criminal record and that he has never been arested. But as shown below is images from mugshot.com which show his name and his date of birth which are for traffic offences.

    One which was for no insurance which he likes to boast that he never pays insurance on his car!!!  https://mugshots.com/search.html?q=christopher%20%20N%20%20lippincott&c=121410  

    Christopher Lippincott Haltom City Texas arrested Christopher Neill Lippincott No Insurance Haltom City Texas

    Sheri Lippincott uses alias as does her ex husband Christopher Neill Lippincott.

    Sheri Lippincott AKA Sheri Shimomura Haltom City TexasSheri Shimomura Lippincott Haltom City Texas

    She is connected in every name she uses to Christopher Lippincott and his alias Lippencott. She has also lived in the same places as him.

    Another alias she uses is Sheri T Robertson.Still connected to christopher Lippincott .

    Sheri Shimomura Robertson Lippincott Haltom City Texas

    Sheri Lippincott aka Sheri Shimomura AKA Sheri Robertson and Christopher Neill Lippincot/Lippencott also have connections to these other people.

    Christopher Neill Lippincott related to Brian Lippincott Texas

    Brian Lippincott has connections to Sheri Shimomura , and Jennifer Lippincott.

    Brian Lippincott Christopher Neill Lippincott Sheri Lippincott Haltom City TexasChristopher Lippincott Brian Lippincott  connection

    Brian Lippincott is married to Jenifer Lippincott and both are friends on Facebook with Sheri Shimomura.

    Sheri Lippincott Shimomura Robertson FacebookSheri Shimomura Lippincott Robertson Haltom City Texas

    So it is quite obvious that Christopher Lippincott is related to these people. What we found out next is pretty amazing.

    Brian Lippincott Sheri Shimomura Jenny Lippincott david Greig Greg New Zealand

    https://imgur.com/a/282W4    link to image on Imgur, incase friends list hidden.

    See who is on the friends list of Brian Lippincotts wife Jenny Lippincott, none other than the one and only David Greg Greig Dazzathecameraman!!

    Now what are the chances of him being friends with Brian Lippincotts wife?. Why would he be friends with her? What is his motive for this?. As we all know David Greg Greig Dazzathecameraman is always there wherever you look.

    Is his motive for being friends as he has previously done, with Scott From Planet X news, when he messaged his dad, the same reason here to get dirt on Christopher Neill Lippincott?. Or is he telling his usual cock and bull story to

    Christopher Lippincotts family that Christopher Lippincott is the most upstanding truthful man he has known, and he is only making his slanderous disgusting websites full of lies and made up articles, and made up criminal charges ( No Proof as usual, no links etc)  because according to David Greig Greg this site which shows videos, comments and criminal records they are all so proud of putting on Youtube are now slander, because they are on here to show everyone what him and his little sick minons are really like.!!

    Maybe David Grieg Greg Dazzathecameraman can explain , why yet again he is involved with Christopher Lippincott's family!! As we all know David Greig/Greg ls always around either dishing dirt or trying to get dirt on people

    to use the information to try and Blackmail people to get what he wants!!

    Christopher Neill Lippincott Haltom City Texas David Greig Greg New zealand 

    The two best pals and partners in crime Christopher Neill Lippincott and David Greig/Greg both sick individuals who obviously have a dirty secret and is the reason they keep together to cover it up!!




  • David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman

    Youtube Long Timer, always at the back of many Bad things Coincidence maybe ? But how many coincidences? Well from many valid reports

    Ongoing Youtube battles have seen David Greg dazzathecameraman "ALWAYS" present or hovering, many say he controls things from behind? Uses weak others to Put stuff out whilst staying hidden. Possible? one thing seems certain for a meek mild person he mixes with some rough people. Why? This is the Big Question? On the Front is this Calm well spoken mannered Young Man, but beneath the surface he has a different side, wild outbursts and obsession with skype face to face with anyone, David Greg or Greig (seems to use 2 names?) Scandals and tales of connection to kids and called out as a Pedophile, were widespread many years ago a claim which a Sangstar1 Youtuber stood firm on and swore had evidence, but was very quickly shut down and quietened when David Greg Had the New Zealand Police silence Sangstar1, with a court injunction. Since that time dazzathecameraman and Logan Runnin the front attacker and speaker, as David Greg insists on keeping his Own Channel clean, have been chasing and harassing Sangstar1 in a ongoing battle, and videos to down little him. Logan on this is the front man whilst David Greg controls from behind .

    When looking in to the history a very disturbing picture emerges, You do not see David dazzathecameraman put videos out, unless they are attacking other users, under a debunking format, debunking we understand is where others works are ripped to shreds, to make the uploader be shamed. This act itself is suspect. Is there money gain to it? Yes , by using the original uploaders name on title, this attracts there followers and thus money revenue is made.

    If you follow this site, many references always appear with dazzathecameraman involved? for a clean quiet man, he does appear to be in the thick of most youtube battles? Is that a warning sign again? dazzathecameraman David Greg and trouble seem to go hand in hand?

    So who is he? Many times he does public live chats with friends Astronomy Live, wtf sky, Christopher Lippincott Logan Runnin, and others, to debunk and humiliate other youtubers, as they debunk pics of claimed Nibiru Planet X pics, put out by others, and he claims to be a amateur astronomer with space objects knowledge.

    David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman Best friend of Paedophile Christopher Lippincott and helps attack Peter Kuske  David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman friend of notorious Paedophile Christopher Lippincott who helps the attack of Peter Kuske

    David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman Tauranga Observatory friend  of Paedophile Christopher Lippincott who helps the attack of Peter Kuske

    Here is David Greg or Greig aka Dazzathecameraman at the Observatory Tauranga New Zealand, Sat down in center, looks a normal kind of Guy, not the type you would expect to hang around in his spare time online, with Logan Runnin Chris Lippincott? so why? This is the biggest question and puts David Greig or Greg very much in the spotlight, this connection is so out of what a gentle meek astronomer type should mix with, so what do a crazed drug taking blackmailer slime of youtube and a meek mild geeky brainy type have to talk about? ASK? would you ever see a normal clean lad sit down the far end of the Ghetto bar with a drug taking Blackmailer? It is this partnership which youtube rats feel is of note worthy importance. and Alarming.

    We know Sangstar1 was shouting and accusing David Greg of having some strange thing with kids, not rumors as this was stifled by New Zealand Police who gave Sangstar1 legal cease and desist orders. This subject is closely hidden and protected by David and we have been unable to get more information, but something went on somewhere? Now lets fast forward in time to the events of what we shall call the BIG Blackmail number 1, the Pete WDHCo & Logo Experts week long planned and executed blackmail, If you listen to the sound bites of the videos made during them days of Blackmail and Kids Pictures held and such. A few clear signs come out from Logans Rants,

    1. He "Christopher Lippincott "always says "WE" Found all your family, "WE" Got your business details , and such. Not "I" But we? well if you have viewed the videos of Logan in any detail, its clear he could not investigate his own pyjama draw. so who is this "WE" ? During one of the Blackmail harassing videos, Logan did show a email with data and links to pics attached? So who found and sent him the Blackmail Info? This was a Team Blackmail effort, clearly NOT a head hotted one off moment, as strangely Dazzathecameraman still today WILL Never admit Logan did anything wrong?

    2. If You follow later on the next slander, innocent victim attack, again you hear "WE" and not "I" if you follow and listen to the DSW74 attack, again loud and clear you see David Greg dazzathecameraman was there and had made first contact with the victims wife? Who later came on to tell of her sex stories and such. and confirmed she had been in touch with dazzathecameraman,months previous? dazza had all the files he had searched from the internet, showing he has a good investigative touch. and this paperwork and files was passed between the Gang and Logan at the time.

    3. Close links and Very Good friends with a CJ Woman, who is or was Logans Girlfriend, she has been linked and seen as a major behind the scenes player, and produced videos for Logan to attack many and spent many hours under a shared youtube account name, Bruce Hamilton this Channel we are advised by ex insider was a shared account, used to follow around claiming Logan did NOT Do anything wrong and never had pictures, and yet its been established YES they did have pictures, of the home cars and boats, as they used these in a website many months later. amongst the sets of pictures was kids (toddlers) 4 and 5 , ironically one a blonde one, as Logan clearly got excited over? CJ had those pictures and it follows the VERY High Possibility, David Greg WOULD have the pictures videos also. Would he admit this? NOT likely as the Police was called to investigate the incident and to say so , he would know,that would only bring attention and Police investigations in New Zealand. see "Is Dazzathecameraman Bruce Hamilton Article" and you decide, nobody knows who was behind the keys at that time, but again very suspect.

    4. A clear Jekyll & Hyde side to David Greg dazzathecameraman clearly exists, by day the warm well mannered gentle Person, but the real inside and lack of any sense of decency, comes through with the latest TROLL operation, This is a new operation formed 2016 headed and again filled with some very sick people, and again the Logan Dazza team are involved. The sick side and lack of any morals shows. NEW victims have there own pictures used on youtube, with a single aim to ridicule and cause hurt and force by bullying, channels to close. TROLL member friends of his, even threaten violence and abuse to the kids of the chosen target? In posts messages and even videos.

    YET ? David Greg dazzathecameraman likes these videos, and NEVER comments as to how wrong it is? Never appears to spare a thought to the harm it does? They all actually celebrate when yet another youtuber is destroyed, and hold live chats to relish the glory of the destruction. see "TROLL gang" article.

    5. It is reported that dazzathecameraman has some disability leaving him a lot of time at home, is this the reason for wanting to create a new friend group online? and this excitement of knowledge over dim youtubers and how easily they can be manipulated by him, gives some excitement, and the chance to be what he so desired had he not had the illness? who knows? but the saying judge by the company you keep rings loud with David Greg, as he is always surrounded by the low end youtubers, very much the jealous types, and this feeds and makes them easily to be fooled by David Greg. Is he indeed the ring master? Or just unlucky to be in EVERY issue on youtube involving kids, blackmails, slanders and such? Who knows? But many mention the similar format of people. single sad people no kids or single parents with small kids. From Waptek to wtf sky, mostly single and online lifes MORE important than the reality life, and many are ex criminals, druggies, homeless even? such a strange mix that you would not expect a meek mild normal guy to want to know, let alone have skypes with.

    VERY VERY Suspect.. Take a look and see, when there is trouble on youtube, David Greg is normally there somewhere? mixed in with it, from ex hookers to druggies yep he has them on speed dial on email skype or phones.. WHY ?
    David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman  emails his Paedophile best friend Christopher Lippincot to help with attack of Peter Kuske


    SIMPLE LOOK at the TROLL Members  you will see whos who. The same members time and time again, "RED Dotted "with 1 sole aim to TROLL - "Tossers Ruining Others Lives Livelyhood" they call it truth seeking?

    TRUTH? If these tell you the time you better check it. A mix of Druggies and vagabonds with one aim to RUIN Youtube.. NO INPUT Just destruction day in and out.

    So WHY? Why would a mild mannered disabled keen astronomer rub shoulders and spend every moment Trashing Youtube? Well who knows but . One thing is certain it is NOT to debunk Nibiru. That is a lie. So what on earth is it?

    The BIGGEST Known Nibiru Pusher a Gil Broussard has been on there live shows, NOT a word said ? His wife and kids NOT threatened? NO private threats of baseball bats on the head in the early hours. NONE of that?

    Darkskywatcher74 a past victim of Dazza Logan and the gang- was a firm NONE Nibiru pusher , yet he had his Channel hammered day and night by David Greig and the gang?

    Sangstar 1 the one who holds a secret on David Greg and was issued a Police order to be quiet, has been saying Lock up your kids for years ? again WHY? What did he know ? WHY police needed? and this was many years ago. and HE has never been a Nibiru Pusher as far as we know?

    So WHAT do you make of all this? SIMPLE NIBIRU is just the cover ."The Cover for what is the BIG question?"

    So they say youtubers who make money by monetizing videos! Well thats also rubbish. as Many including dazza David Greg ,Monetize, and even beg ask for donations. Even Logan Christopher Lippincott begged with a gofundme account.

    YET Thats fine? As its the gang they can and do earn from the Misery on the "Trash the youtube" game as Logan calls it.

    Rumors abound that David Greg and Christopher Lippincott and others share kids pictures between them taking harmless strangers pics and then zooming them cropping and selling them? a far bold call which is most likely just a

    rumour, but you need to ask WHAT IS GOING ON THERE? People like Scott Ferguson "astronomy live" Channel, David Greg "dazzathecameraman" clean looking clever people mixing and skyping with known excons like "tige Hand" kid pic hoarders , blackmailers ,drunk,druggies like Chris Lippincott "Logan Runnin - King Logan and many other channel names" Homeless sex maniacs like William Price "Waptek channel" and on it goes .. ALL Skype hang out together ?


    TROLL youtube COVER up

    dazzathecameraman live with his Paedophile friend  logan runnin aka Christopher Lippincott

    SEE The latest TROLL team move above, This guy Scott C the latest target in relentless Hate and slander campaign, King Logan aka Logan Runnin ,Christopher Lippincott. has a video showing a pdf, yes a pdf "which are easily manipulated". which has the latest victim supposed to have committed 23 crimes in a 33 page document? BOLD Claim . problem is they conveniently ommit that there is 3 Scott C on the list and the report online contains all in a batch. So ignore it and do NO More research and proceed with the Gang on a slander campaign as his being so bad even the Police are still looking for him. SEE above how dazza and Logan still are joined at the hip, as dazzathe cameraman , David Greg proudly promotes the news, by copying and putting the false information to the public. WHY ? David Greg & Scott Ferguson can spot a fake picture at 2 million miles, on others works, and yet ? can not see or do not want to see the truth, by doing more research? on this obvious mix up? WHY?



    IT DOES NOT SUIT TO DO THAT DOES IT? Better to destroy the victim and have a skype laugh after the event maybe? WHO KNOWS? But certainly actions of some sick people who live to destroy youtube just for kicks?

    Without more ado, David Greig & Astronomy Live along with Shawn Hufford another Gang member, put out a live video- asking people to spread the news of the child abuse and to even tell his sponsors , how bad a criminal this guy is and to go ahead and let others know.. all on the strength of a pdf .. How tight are the gang, very tight , skype emails phones and live hangouts,with a single aim to destroy youtubers .. WHY?

    Logan Runnin David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman

     Where ever you look David Greig/Greg AKA DAZZATHECAMERAMAN is there amongest the sleaze and the dirt. 

  • David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

    For all the None believers who see this David Greig from New Zealand, as this meek mild nerd who is so goody goody that butter would not melt, for over 5 years this Greig, using his other aliases, David Greg and Gregg, has been behind EVERY Bit of sleaze and blackmails slanders and more, on youtube. from rifling through facebooks for kids pics to speaking with ex hookers to get anything which can be turned into ammo to ruin and destroy all those more fortunate than himself.

    Yes i know it seems far reaching but his own confessions as a ex drugged up looney tune, who hallucinates on any little word, and a inner devil talking to him, yes he hears voices, the voices which turn him into a Jekyll Hyde Character, almost in seconds.  There is so much to this David Greig that it gets sicker the more you delve. Lies and Truth get mixed , he has a alternate person living within him, a devil , yes this devil is a dangerous madman which takes Dave Greig over, it makes him mix with other known criminal sick people, like a magnet. Feeding off others misery his chronology of events would not be out of place in a movie such as "Silence of the lambs" with the front facade of this geeky Nerd astonomer front, masking a dangerous sicko.

    Here we look at the Youtube Channel which hounded his enemies aptly called a favourite demon. On this channel initially was several names but then by chance, David Greig dazzathecameraman, had a fresh bust up with a wtf sky youtuber channel and it switched, showing sick coffins and spooky sounds it proceeded to show wtf sky private information, along with threats and sick comments. Before moving on to coincidently yet again David Greig dazzathecameraman next enemy, coincidence?  NO  Not once you understand how Greig and his close sick pals and partners in crime work. The signs were so obvious.

    1.  Choice of name "Favourite"  a New Zealand - British spelling

    2. Knowledge of the first initial 2 names used on the channel. Dave Greig only knew these.

    3. David Greigs most favourite saying used on emails to Pete, in his ongoing threats, the term "Make your life a Nightmare".

    4. The close links of related links , showing he is regular to the pages, after and once online.

    The above together with his known best friends of ex cocaine dealers, go fundme scammers and low life criminals who he Loves to mix with on private skypes, in the small minded gang mentality..  IF You want to see sickos in a gang then this gang, hits the list of the dirtiest sleaziest bunch you could ever encounter ! trash and scum all saddo no lifers with sexual perversions and little kid fetishes, and more..

    David Greig Tauranga aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED websites

    Our ?  Pretty simple to know the few who shared this slanderous evil sock account on youtube.  EVEN a Good Troll if one exists could work that out..

    David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

    New Zealand spellings David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED


    You will note . Trolls Prey - dazzathecameraman linked by the secret youtube elements.  Another Clue..  David Greig,New Zealand .  is those channels, we have him down with in excess of 5 seperate youtube channels..  Do NOT Be Fooled by his slimey slippery bullshits he is one of the Devil behind the scenes. The Puppet Master of hate and evil on youtube..

    Apart from being one of the master evils of the Demons Channel. He is also key behind the purchasing of the slander lie websites on Pete, This was proved as of time of purchasing both the named domains and his own "ALL at the same time"  SPOT The times date, same place same time frame, Another slip up by Greig..  He stated that a friend got it at the same time as a favour!  Yes indeed which tells us all, David Greig works so close with this gang of shit saddos, that they buy each other important issues like a domain name, or is he as normal telling lies yet again ?  Even he probably would not know, as he does have a serious drug issue, and slides from mr Meek to Mr Evil in minutes, indeed once the blood pressure increases, so does the Devil within him.

    Domains of slander David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

    David Greig New Zealand i comment

    Scruffy Clothes David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

    He does love his Grey doesn´t he..  

    Where does he live as he is so excited when he can get to make video after video showing his victims Homes, and uses them as silencing tools. A kind of you will shut up or i will leak this to my Pals and then you will be in trouble.  As i will sit back and just watch you squirm, from behind my desk..  Normally yes this happens and nobody suspects a thing.  Then David Greig or Greg or whatever he is using at the time, pipes up and starts with the oh my stop all 

    this and about 5 videos covering comments made about the incident..  Then to slip back in to the shadows.. Ready for his next victim..

     David Greig aka dazzathecameraman Tauranga New Zealand

    Well a simple google look and search shows address publicly available, and a trip round on google maps shows exactly. Confirmed by his own videos. The strange thing is back to the name?  Again why use David Greg of Tauranga , Yet Public records show David Greig of Tauranga New Zealand and NO Greg or Gregg?  This dazzathecameraman sure is a mystery man. WHY did the Tauranga Astronomy Club always have him down as David Greig, and newspaper articles as Greig, but then a strange shift to David Greg was made?  why?

    David Greig aka dazzathecameraman  Tauranga New Zealand

    See above phone record Showing;   David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, New Zealand. 

    David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, New Zealand

     David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

    David Greig aka dazzathecameraman Tauranga New Zealand  EXPOSED

  • Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott - Replies

    David Greig dazza, Puts his Story online in a comment under a video, Chris Lippincott-Lippencott, Logan, Blows His Lid and spills some very interesting beans, as if anyone with half a brain did not already know all this, the Masked mentally ill sicko´s  behind the slanderous DFD channel, had been called out, and the whole picture known. What is good about these two Lippincott Videos, is it just completely confirmed what had been EASILY deduced for a while. ONLY TROLL members, the ones who live and thrive on all the hate and harrassments, to fill the sad life they must have, refuse to swallow real Truth, they much prefer to live in their youtube fantasy land, which consists of them being something, a gang member..

    How all this story looked to the ones with brains..

    The way the DFD episode and the slander sites under control of David Greig dazza, Tige Hand and Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott was all planned a while back. Was that Tige Hand had unused channels,which he used for following his passion wrestling, and a pledge to back David Greig up 100%, a combined Hatred of the J & M of wtf channel, a hatred of a Scott of Planet X channel, the hatred runs so deep that even though Chris Lippincott-Lippencott (yes he has two id´s) they all use fake id´s its part the way they roll, David Greig uses Greg, Gregg, and no doubt other Trolls do likewise, although thats a unfair to tarnish all Troll gang as a few do we believe are good at heart, and have been duped in to believing this Gang is something doing good, by warning 24 people in the world that what a few people say about Nibiru is false and that it does not exist. They know all this as they have telescopes and they look every Monday Morning at around 9am. So armed with this Rock solid evidence, they feel it is their duty to Trash any Nibiru Channel, show thier homes families, businesses and slander and destroy these people and channels, for the good of the handful of other youtubers approx 24 who may find their channels. The Reality is it is all a cover story, many even were or are Nibiru believers.  this has though become such Fun for the Gang that the excuse is used and gives them a cover for the undercover activities some of the Gang engage in.

    Back to the story. How it looked to the ones with brains ..

    David Greig, so filled with anger and hate for wtf, makes a deal with Lippincott, the deal is to ring J of wtf, and ask scripted questions, regarding the digging and finding of old details of David Greigs other hated enemy Scott of Planet X, IN RETURN he will reinstate the slander websites in his control on Pete, Pete is the one who has been blackmailed, slandered and had to fight these very same Gang as is known, year after year. ANY chance Finleys Boats Lippincott can get to Slander Pete more is fine to him.  SO THE DEAL IS DONE...

    Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott, Does his requirement and Calls J of wtf and reads his scripted dialogue, asking the exact questions David Greig, dazza, requires,  Finleys Lippencott does his job well, he gets the spoken proof, that wtf did buy the pdf file on Scott, all this call secretly recorded by Greig, it is then duly put out on a video by Greig, this he hopes will make Scott of Planet X channel, so furious that HE will attack wtf channel.  THE PLAN FAILED,  Scott did not react, Scott is a grown up and not so stupid to fall for the obvious set up.  However Lippincott HAS at this stage done his duty, fulfilled his obligation the Rat gang is all snuggly and warm again. Although to the youtube world the pretence of the Fallen out Charade MUST Continue, so Lippincott very regular shouts on vids dazza is a yellow belly coward, and similar, ALL to keep the plan rolling along.  ONLY a TROLL could not spot all this, but grown ups spotted it easy as acting is NOT something Greig and Lippincott are good at. slandering and making lies oh experts, but acting and Truth very rare and NOT good at it.

    Lippincott now asks for his return side the deal, Greig has a new problem arrive, wtf have been chatting and now friends of Scott. This is like red rag to a bull, Greigs little brain would be pumping he would be popping his blood vessels and stomping his feet at this stage.  he can not tackle the Logan Pete issue, until he has more dirt on wtf and Scott, so it needs delaying, DFD channel is used to target harrass J & M of wtf channel in a sick minded warped DEVIL fashion, threatening their homes and family, YES the usual sick way they work.  But its all in the need to debunk Nibiru of course?  we are told is the excuse. Tige Hand & David Greig after wearing wtf down, and that going quiet, they  then decide after xmas is the time,

    Plenty of work is made behind the scenes including the brainwave of making up a false news articles, branding Pete as being convicted of so many crimes , from drug lord, to frauds, to even and loved by Lippincott the actual kiddy lover, of fiddling with his Grandson, Oh how they all got wet with excitement at this plan, telling Chris Lippincott be patient, david Greig drops his little sick hints, like a picture of Pete´s town, in the middle of another channels video debunking Pete, oh how David Greig must of got a wet patch on that one, he he oh i got that in.  Then the DFD channel starts with the little 8 year old , we are your worst nightmare , well you know the score on how the sicko´s work.  Then they drop the masterpiece the Faked NEWS article. with J of wtf, Scott of Planet X, and Pete in it the 3 of the targets in one fake news article, oh they must of dribbled and skyped on that for hours, followed from this a drug Lord faked news article, and then the Grandkids faked one, NOW Comes the David Greig - Christopher Lippincott , KILL Shot, this will make him runaway and hide they think, Lippincott is extatic shouting around LOOK heres the proof. the usual NEVER think a plan through by the deadly RAT GANG, who have the minds of 7 year olds, and the brains of 12 year olds. Same old people with new members, who it should be noted are NOT ALL Bad, but they have been duped into thinking they are in something Truthful Honest and genuine, FACT Time you have been fooled.. Decent people you need to wake up quickly..

    The website is launched , on this polished smart website is the faked news article they created, along with many Companies which they have severely defamed as frauds scams and well the usual Sick Trio Lies slanders. Proudly boasted out as having Christopher Lippincott of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas, as the owner. Yes indeed Lippencott, was given this website, he just was sitting down having his Beer and this website was given to him, in a gift bag.

    Strangely David Greig dazza, also got a Free Gift from the "Domain name Fairy" in his sleep. This one brought by the "Domain name Fairy" the same time as Lippencotts,  it is a miracle the "Domain name Fairy" just gave them away.  and at the exact time within 2 minutes of each other, from the same GoDaddy domain Fairies HQ, brought and given away in a flash.. 

    MANY problems exist on that story, a Domain name is NOT a simple here take that, You can not just say hey have this, it is not like a Christmas Card, or giving away a old Radio. Domains are brought sold and always have a home on a domain account somewhere, if you purchase a domain website name it remains on the Domain Buyers Control panel, until it is correctly transferred.  This can only be transferred to someone who also holds a domain control panel. You can point a domain name if you produce a website for a client, then you would need that name to be routed to the clients web hosters ip address, that is not a transfer that is simply common on how websites operate.  The owner of the website under a domain is responsible for the actions of the name. As THEY have the final control to stop the website in its tracks.. So any talk of GIVING, as if its a old Radio, is hogwash. So the story of Christopher Lippincott and David Greig being given websites is only swallowed by idiots.

    Website Hosting, here comes the next joke, Chris Lippincott supposedly gave his websites to a unknown DFD person.  The best he could do or David Greig or whoever actually controls the websites is give them password access..  IF ??  If  Lippincott had the website he would of as he states in the video, had it blasted with CRIMINAL SCUM all over and he would NOT have been doing deals with anyone.  A Deal with the one who owns the slander website he would of course do, as he has been thoroughly outed with Facts as this website proves. He WOULD Do anything to make his Facts and evidence go away. although how he Ever sees adding more Lies and slanders to help, ONLY inside his and his Pals warped 8 year old brains knows? All it does is build a even bigger FACTUAL side to how he and his Tight Rats operate, and thus increase the problem.

    The Final responsibility of a defamatory online Slander campaign incorporates, those who aidded by spreading the Lies slanders, those aidding or created the Lies slanders, those promoting the links, right back to the actual Domain owner, who regardless of any claims as to not actually doing the website. IS In Full Control and can suspend the Website by deadening the Domain route in a second. And carries the Lions share of the Responsibility. This is key in this case instance, so as the below diagram picture. Domains can not hide. These domain names MUST be on one of the Gangs Domain names control panel. and you can be easily assured IT WILL NOT BE ON Lippincotts..

    Dazza the cameraman v Paedophile Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks his best friend Paedophile Chris Lippincott - Replies

    Another KEY issue?  WHO in there right mind, would let someone buy YOUR name, or known brandname. Unless Family, But we are told another Youtuber paid and owns dazzathecameraman and says i got this for you. Ridiculous situation so thats another reason the story is suspect. Mind You maybe there is a "Domain name Fairy"  I mean in the brains of this gang, with the drugs and such, its all possible..

    In Chris Lippencott defence on this matter, yet again he has been used as the fool and they many times, done the sleaze behind the scenes and then passed to him to put out, whilst laughing behind his back and getting wet patches in the trousers over it all. Sad, that Finleys Chris Lippincott Just has not seen it, everytime from Sangstar1 to Darkskywatcher to BP Earth, and even Scott PX , he gets fed the bullshits and whatever is needed, and off he goes time after time getting deeper and deeper in the mire .. When is he ever to wake up ??



    Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott - Replies

  • DSW Calls out David Greg Greig Chris Lippincott Pedophile Youtubers


    In this interesting video which was put out on youtube by a user, who had been slandered harrassed and had his kids pictures stolen by the Sick Rat Team gang.
    What is very telling again is how he has spotted the same conclusions as many, kids and these youtubers is an obsession. Christopher Lippincott and David Greig Tauranga NZ deep
    seedy connections and shows some highlights, whilst calling on Certified Boat Sales Finley Boats Lippincott, to back up his slanderous claims on him.
    A Video you must watch as again it gives so many clues.

    You spotted again how he had his family kids Pictures used as a blackmail harrassing tool by Lippincott and this David Greg / Greig dazza of Tauranga New Zealand yet again hides
    in the shadows getting high on the stress and harrassments his Gang cause. Just because this Gang believe THEY own youtube, If you dare stand up you get it. Or is this Gangs activities
    far sicker in its reachings, after all it seems a lot of planning and work to try and silence a simple few arguments.
    So YOUR Warned here is the two he calls out below, remember them and steer clear, and watch who and why they mix with some real sick others.

    Peter Kuske Paul Flores attacker David Greig Tauranga NZ

    David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, New Zealand.

    DSW Calls out David Greg Greig Pedophile Youtuber


    DSW Calls out  David Greg Greig Chris Lippincott Pedophile Youtubers

    Logan Christopher N Lippincott 5005 NE loraine St Haltom City TX

    Logan Christopher N Lippincott 5005 NE loraine St Haltom City TX

    Logan Christopher N Lippincott 5005 NE loraine St Haltom City TX



  • TROLL Members MENTAL Health Confessions Live Feeds


    William A Price Oregon is SELF Confirmed Mental Loon Fruitcake

    Starbucks Coffee House Portland Oregon not only gives you coffee, but houses the Portland Pshyco Waptekker Will Price, EVERYONE With any brains could see and know what a evil mental case he is.
    Mental loonies always like and hang with others of the same mental conditions.
    Want to know the full list and just how mentally ill yet another of the shit of youtube gang is, just watch listen to this self explanatory video, and how he had to get offline quick, as the white Jacket men had arrived
    to get him back from Starbucks, as his time had run out. And his fix of calming drugs needed to be injected. No it was not Bath Night that is every 3rd Thursday of the month, this was Police in Portland rounding him up.

    His Self Confessed list of mental ailments include;
    A Pisstrum Aspect Disorder
    A Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a lack of being able to communicate with other humans, and he himself has likened it to having a gas tank and a box of matches !!
    He has also, Suffered Brain Damage and a host of other Mental ailments.
    He then admits these conditions can make him a pshyco lunatic and lead others to be locked up. He then proceeds to confess his friends problems, which again is of concern as we ALL know the David Greig - David Greg or Gregg, name used is dependant on the wind direction, also confessed to have been a fruitcake mental obsession headcase.

    William A Price Oregon SELF Confirmed Mental Loon Fruitcake

    WAPtek William A Price Oregon SELF Confirmed Mental Loon Fruitcake

    Yes you could not make this stuff up on this Gang of Low Lifes.. Drugs, Scams, Mental health issues it gets worse the more you look.

    Dazza the camera man David Greig, also confirms his ailments at the end of the video, just so you see its all the reality and every day normal to the TROLL Gang..

    Dazza the camera man David Greig Tauranga New Zealand  David-Greig-Greg-dazzathecameraman-youtube-150-NgataiRd-Otumoetai-Tauranga-BayofPlenty-NEWZEALAND

    A REAL Rogues Gallery of Drugs and Mental Problems, No wonder they make a Tight Gang , No wonder they cover for each other .

    Christopher-lippincott-finleys-boats-texas SARA-J-PITTMAN-drug-dealer.BeaverCreek Ohio


    Tige D Hand Covington Georgia  C J-Storey-Washington  Brandon Pittman Beavercreek Ohio logan runnin C N Lippincott Texas


    William A Price Oregon is SELF Confirmed Mental Loon Fruitcake

  • Unjustified attack by Dazzathecameraman of Scott Planet X News.


    The start of the attack against Scott of Planet X news was done by Dazzathecameraman.
    He decided to do his "Debunking video" ( known as a lets put his channel name in title of video to pull his subs because it has taken me years to get to my small sub count)
    Obviously Scott Planet X News did a video back telling his subs not to listen to him and Dazzthecameraman is trying to gain subs etc.
    Dazza David Greig, in his usual way wanted to do a live hangout to show Scott how he was wrong and so make a name for himself as the great "Dazzathecameraman i know everything"
    So Scott from Planet X news went on his live hangout, which included Astronomy Live one of  Dazzas side kicks.
    The live stream was pleasent and Scott listened and they went on their merry way.
    Scott did a video explaining that even though he went on there and they tried to get him to stop talking about Planet X and other matters, that he would still be
    doing his videos and still keep his channel, and that People have a right to look at whatever videos they wanted.
    Scott had also learned more about Dazzathecameraman and the way he does things on Youtube to try to belittle people.
    So this was a difference of opinion and that Dazzathecameraman should have left his hangout up and let people decided who they wanted to believe.
    But no thats not Dazzas style. Dazzathecameraman Dave Greig, Greg, likes to think he is the voice of Youtube and that everyone has to believe him.
    How dare anyone answer Dazza back right?
    So Dazzathecamerman David Greig/ Greg does what he always does, he and his minions search the internet day and night to try and find out who runs the Planet X News Youtube channel.
    They find out its Scott and then decide to see what else they can find.
    They find his address, his grandmother, his children, his ex wife and the creme de la creme his criminal record.
    Dazza in his usual style waits until his best pal Logan Runnin ( Christopher Lippincott) puts Scott's criminal record out on his Youtube channel.
    Scotts record is shown and everyone is told Scott has been aressted for many counts Child Abuse. What Dazzathecameraman and his pals dont show is that the record also states"NO HARM"
    Everyone of Dazzas minions and the other scum of youtube go around saying it was "child molestation" Which was totally untrue.
    Scott denies this in videos and Dazzas minons spread videos about it all over Youtube in their usual sick way with made up channels etc.
    Dazzathecameraman, David Greig Gregg decides to call Scott (yep even got his cell number).
    When Scott answers the call it is just Dazzathecameraman and does not inform Scott that the call is being recorded, and that Astronomy Live (Scott Ferguson) and Shawn Hufford are also in on the call!!

    Below is a video of the Telephone call, it has been cut short with majors points left in it, as this was over an hour long interrogation by the three Gestapo's of Youtube.

    As you watch and listen to what was being said you will see that not anywhere was Scott informed of the call being recorded, thats why it contains strong language because Scott obviously thought it was just a phone call from David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman. Grab a drink and listen to the demands that these three are making to Scott!!


    So after the phone call, did all go on their merry way and go back to making videos of their "specialist subjects" 

    Not a cat in hells chance!!

    This recording was put out on videos for everyone to hear and of course for them to turn everything around in the usual Dazza way. To try to once more discredit Scott from Planet X News and to make it look like poor old Dazza and Astronomy Live "That bad man is picking on you little innocent snowflakes"

    Dont forget the notorious Christopher Lippincot put the report out in a video first, and was calling Scott a child molester. No videos from David Greig/Greg to state that his long term partner in crime was lying !!

    Christopher Lippincott David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman partner in crime Lies for Dazza

    So the next move by Dazzthecameraman was to search and search ( not being to tired or having a migraine to do this!) and find anything else to try to get Scott from Planet X News to run away .

    What he and his minons found was the police report. The one that the police fill out when they attend an incident. This police report which was made by Scotts Ex Girlfriend said that Scott had attacked her 5 year old son, by slapping  him in the face and had kicked him in his chest!. This was supposed to be the incident they had found on his criminal record. The one that stated "NO HARM"

    Anyone with half a brain would know that if a grown man had attacked a 5 year old child in the way the woman had described then that child would have ended up in hospital with some serious injuries!! Anyone who had even touched a hair of a child would have been sent to prison, any decent parent would make sure of it if a man had attacked their child in the way she said had happened. 

    Police Report Dazzathecamerman Attack of Scott Planet X NewsScotts Criminal Record No Harm David Greig Greg

    They have never produced any medical records of such a attack, and they have never ever mentioned that the criminal record showed "NO HARM" which basically means the woman in question, said Scott had done these things so he would get arrested. This doesnt fit the agenda, so they have to keep saying it was Child abuse!!

    So in the usual manner of Dazzathecamerman and his minions , they posted video after video of this supposed assualt of a child. Not once mentioning the "No HARM" and not once mentioning that he had never molested a child as people were saying.

    Ok so now not only is Scott being accussed of being a child molester, but now he beats and attacks children too!


    This still does not make Scott of Plant X News run away either, because its obviously made up to fit the usual DazzatheCameraman agenda!

    So what else can Dazza and his minons do to get Scott to run away and hide? Well the next great agenda was to find his children through Facebook! They find his teenage daughter and the brilliant and sick idea they come up with is to send her pornographic images!

    Yes thats right sending sick images to a young teenage girl! This is how low Dazza and the sick people he loves to be pally with do!!

    Sadly Scotts elderly Grandmother dies, this is a great opportunity for Dazzathecamerman David Greig / Greg's minions to use to their advantage. They decide to use Scotts Grandmother to torment Scott. They use the picture of his Deceased Grandmother(which they spent hours probably days searching for) to make up channels in her name and use her picture on these channels, uploading videos attacking Scott to these channels.

    Are you starting to get the picture of the type of sicko's that Dazzathecameraman has as friends yet?

    The next trick that Dazzathecameraman had up is sleeve was to contact Scott's Dad. Yes you saw right his DAD!

    This according to David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman was to inform him of what Scott has been saying about him!

    Thats right the things kids do "I'm going to tell your dad what your saying" This is the act of a supposedly grown man!!

    David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman contacting Scott's Dad

    The truth is Dazzathecameraman contacted Scott's Dad to see if he could find anything else out that he could either humilliate him or attack him once again.

    Did David Greig - Greg make a video about contacting Scott's Dad?. Nope he left that to his little minions again. After all Dazzathecameraman can not be seen to be snooping and show the person he really is, the sick person.


    David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman Troll minions post Scotts Dad

    And so the attacks on Scott from Planet X News still continues from Dazzathecameraman and his Minions. All this because Scott was supposed to have told a lie about Scott Ferguson Astronomy Live? 

     David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman Shows scott on FacebookDazzathecameraman Tauranga New Zealand

    David Greig Greg Christopher Lippincott both in on Attack of ScottDazzathecameraman New Zealand Attacks Scott from other ChannelsAstronomy Live Scott Ferguson Still in on the attacks of Scott


     From the videos Dazzathecameraman still uploads from not only his own channel, but the two other channels he owns, this looks how a person with some type of mental disorder would be doing.

    DazzatheCameraman Tauranga New Zealand obsession with Scott

    It seems because Scott will not back down to the Almighty Dazza then he is hell bent on trying to destroy Scotts life. This is the way Dave Greg Greig rolls, he has tried this with several other Youtubers, but he is now starting to meet his match,

    as the Youtubers now do not bow down and have a backbone and stick up for themselves.

    David Greig Gregg Tauranga New Zealand SickoDavid Greig Greg New Zealand Harasser and Stalker

    Anyone who knows Scott from Planet X News knows he's no angel and he even admits it himself, But when David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman hangs around and is proud to be associated with people in his Troll group who some themselves have criminal records. Which include MULTIPLE DRUG CHARGES, THEFT, ROBBERY,CHILD NEGLECT AND DRUG TRAFFICING. He is fine with what they have done, and its ok because it is in their past, then it just goes to show how the attack at Scott that is still ongoing is a personal thing and nothing to do with debunking. It is because the almight Dazzathecameraman can not get his own way and there are more and more people who are now realising what a nasty evil sicko he is , and his squeaky clean reputation is slowly going down the drain.

    Dazzathecamerman David Greig/Greg has previously admitted that he suffers with paranoid delusions through the medication he is suppossed to be taking for his suppossed medical conditon. Is this the reason David Greig/Greg does the things he does, and has Delusions of Grandeur ? Who knows but something is definitely wrong how David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman gets besotted with people and goes all out to try to destroy them!!

    David Greig Greg Sicko Stalker

     The Final Sick thing about this David Greig all for Truth and  Honesty does NOT Say a word or make a video, while his Best Pal Lippincott pulls a Gofundme scam. That is all fine with him ? WHY ?

    Unjustified attack by Dazzathecameraman of Scott Planet X News

    Unjustified attack by Dazzathecameraman of Scott Planet X News.



  • Darkskywatcher74 Youtube User SILENCED From speaking TRUTH on Harrassment Subject speaks out.

    Victim of the Gang of haters scummy Christopher Lippincott Logan Runnin and David Greig Dazzathecameraman a CJ and a EVIL Ex Wife vowing revenge the plot is revealed and Police now involved watch the video DSW74 wants those few people who doubted him to see..  OFF THE Record, we  NEVER Doubted a word as we know the Logans gang are shitters and anything they say is LIES & Bullshit..  So we was Proud to help in any way possible..

    This pre planned by the Rat Gang Group was so severe it Almost cost him his job and his kids. The Gang had been so Severe with the attack for no reason other than he had ruffled David Greig Greg dazza, by NOT bowing down to his requests to answer on a moon video. For this the Gang decide it is enough to rifle his private life and kids pictures and then attack with the aim to destroy him, and silence him on what he knew.

    The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden

    The Story so far, The Gang of lowlifes spent months and months and months setting Skywatcher74 Youtuber up, all is in place and gone according to plan, in order to finish the chosen victim, just a small finishing touch is needed.

    Now lets be honest this Grand event the final slandering and destructon of a victim of the size and nature of this youtuber, is likened to a FA Cup Final, or the Superbowl of events to the Gang. A Rat is NOT missing this for anything !!  So what a perfect time to list and catch these saddo sickos ..  Sure enough like the fleas they are to the honeypot they come, drooling and getting sexually excited at the mere thought of the final part the plan coming to fruition.

    A few people caught and recorded just the audio part the video, and its 4 hours of hell and torture and NOT worth wasting the time on , But on our trimmed version 30 minutes the key points do raise some SERIOUS points and indeed back up the DSW side the story.  So back to the what we call "THE SMOKING GUN" video.

    Not just content with grabbing the video of the liar druggies hangout, alone.  what was specially captured with it was the LIVE CHAT ..  why is this important ?  well on these live hangouts after the show that content is gone and lost ..  So its a place where people chat talk and think its only going to be there for a hour or for the show..  The BIG Leaders - Players would be there for this one, as stated it was like the big Must Not Miss of the Ratters season.  They had gone big league no more just poofaces or your a titty poo poo like the rats old kiddy games.  Now Christopher Lippincott - Logie laughin -Logan Runnin, had hit the big time !! a dominatrix hooker druggy who is going to dish the dirt on their latest victim !!  

    So watch the video and you will see who the rats are by name, so you can ban block delete accordingly. Also see if you spot the 2 or 3 ? The main BIG Players behind the scenes, who already knew so so much etc.

    Music added and sound muted as its speeded up and nobody can listen to that shit longer than 40 minutes tops, so its unfair to make you !!  so nice gentle music added instead.  film is massive and had to stay in HD to keep the typing clarity.

    Hmmm  Note Green Goober aka C J Storey  knows to use 514 ?   and dazzathecameraman David Greg - Greig sent the number ?? and yet its Logans show, and she supposedly only contacted Logan ??  LMAO   yea right  !!! in the broadcast Darkskywatchers ex wife lets slip, how she had been in touch with David Greg - Greig, dazzathecameraman for over a year ??

    David Greig Greg NZ Chat log   David Greig Greg NZ Chat log

    and then what is posted on a dazza David Greig video ? by an old team member who found out just How SICK these evil lot are maybe ? when he heard of their blackmail plans , and left had a shower and got clean again.

    David Greig Greg NZ Chat log dazzathecameraman

    A recent video surfaced and HIT The mark on many points From DSW himself who also spotted the key clues. As again the same Rat Gang attacked him with lies slander as they do as TRUTH and Decency just does NOT fit the mindset.

    David Greig Greg Tauranga Observatory School

    WHO IS THIS MAN Who spoke with DSW ex wife and was so filled with evil he wanted him framed,and life destroyed. Look No Further see below.

    David Greig Greg Tauranga Observatory School home

    David Greig Greg Tauranga Observatory School 3

    Darkskywatcher74 Youtube User SILENCED From speaking TRUTH on Harrassment Subject speaks out.


    WHO is behind the website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH

    Simple if you follow the clues the attackers are all Part the RAT Team Gang. These Few have both knowledge and a hand in the Pre Planned Slander Attack.
    If your near these dregs of life. maybe you could have a quiet word in their ears.

    LOGAN - Todd

    website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH
    Christopher Neill Lippincott of , TBR Certified Boat Sales Finleys Boats 5005 NE Loraine Street, Haltom City, Texas,

    1 -   817 - 726 - 9998

    and Partner , Charles-T-Finley-Boat-Sales 4509,Marguerite lane, Fort Worth, Texas,


    SARA PITTMAN attacks Peter Kuske with Lippincott

    website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH

    SARA PITTMAN EXcon 3234 Maple Wood Drive BeaverCreek OHIO 45434


    SARA PITTMAN EXcon 3234 Maple Wood Drive BeaverCreek OHIO 45434


    150 Ngatai Rd Otumoetai Tauranga New Zealand dazzathecameraman attacker Peter Kuske
    David Greig 150 Ngatai Rd Otumoetai Tauranga New Zealand dazzathecameraman


    STARBUCKS OREGON US32 - 3366  Portland Oregon
    STARBUCKS OREGON US32 - 3366  Portland Oregon ( Look Behind the Waste Bins ) He hacks and steals identities from Starbucks Customers.

    As the RAT Team Gang members are uncovered, as they do snitch a lot, and make mistakes, they will of course be added, but it seems these are the main Current players pushing Lippincotts Master Plan to rule Youtube and the internet..

    website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH


    Interesting Video regarding the Rat Team Troll Gangs many triumphs was put out, in this video the victim is just a simple lady Doctor who felt the need to speak out on her findings, and give her own opinions, on both space and the Sun.
    This led her to lose her career as a Top lecturer at a University in South Africa. Simply because her opinions do NOT match the opinions of the Gang. Also whilst NOT agreeing she "Dr Albers" has committed the biggest sin ever, She is speaking to Scott C of Planet X News.
    To have this lady even speak or question that things on earth and space are not normal, was bad enough but to speak and share thoughts as to what is going on in Space, without always consulting the Gang is enough to warrant her family being picked on and her job to be lost, in the normal
    Rat Gang way. The Video is worth the watch and listen and you decide if you consider that apart from Scott having his life threatened, did his Grandmother also deserve this? Or likewise does the Doctor Albers Son and Brother deserve to have the slanders which cost them there careers also, be ruined
    just because the Rat Team Gang, want to remain the Only people who decide what you can and not do or think?

    If you feel angry as ANY Normal person should, then like Scott had said you need to stand up against these scum class slanderous criminal shits. No iffs or butts they are the shits of earth, devils hiding behind masks of fakeness. It is a small Gang of Lifes losers druggies and vagabonds, who get kicks from making up slanders lies and causing others trouble.

    Failure to do anything is what they rely on, they rule by bullying and BLACKMAILS , until they get stopped, then many others will get the Rat Team treatment. One day it could be you so think on? Ask yourself? Would you not like others to help you? Of Course YOU WOULD !  so man up and act before some other victim gets to be in the shitters sights..








    All information is available the Gang has been trapped and known, so you have no excuses. Dr Albers, Scott C, DarkSkywatcher, Pete WDH, WTF, and others have had the Blackmails the slanders and shit, from these sleazeballs. Time to stand up and say no more..


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