Youtube RATS The Website dedicated To Exposing the Evil Youtubers and Low lifers

YOU TubeRats What we are all about .

At we bring you both Facts on Videos for your own judgements, WITH SERIOUS WARNINGS Of the behind the keyboard Trash channels used for EVIL purposes. TO GIVE YOU ADVANCE WARNINGS WHO TO AVOID:  We show how to block and prevent Rat Infestations in the first instance, with clear video.

We also show and advise why you Must be extra careful with your private life on you tube or elsewhere as in the wrong hands this can lead to ongoing future problems, Showing your family pictures in what seems a harmless way like facebook etc, can in the wrong hands be asking for problems. Pictures you take of your own Children playing in a paddling pool to us normal people is fine, BUT !! To a Kiddy picture collecting gang can be pure excitement !! As the recent "Rat Pack" Scummet gang and its associates online ring who have been watched and followed closely and now uncovered shows.

Money Scams are Rife Online and this also applies to You Tube. Many fake Bogus schemes run all with a single aim of getting YOUR Money . Stories like donate for my Aunts kidney operation or My Boy needs a new hip yada yada, all scams, Raffles bogus business investments and more are Out There be kept up to date with the People to avoid and STAY SAFE.

So hope you enjoy the website and take a lot of warnings from it . Bookmark and call back regularly for updates etc, and its a FREE site so please visit the advertisers to help keep its own costs covered, and promote and warn others , by linking us, "SHOW Your 1 of the good guys" copy the logo and promote on your Youtube Videos let others know YOUR A Trusted decent user, and help fight Online Scams and the Bad people.

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