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You Warning all Prewarned is Prepared .

Welcome to You The website dedicated to helping people avoid the Rats which abound YouTube Google Plus and are at large in Society.

You Tube has NO working solution to stopping the bad apples which use there service, and so it is hoped by the use of this website ,you will be able to keep a watch and be warned of known Scumbags and "All" likers and aiders and abetters of their crimes.

NOTE MOST IMPORTANT ALERT WARNING ***** YoutubeRats HAS NO Youtube Channels or Google+ accounts ***** ANY Seen are Bogus and They will contain viruses by the Scumbag Operation ..

BAN BLOCK DELETE Soon as Seen !!!!


With regular updates and Video Documentation showing proof of the Rats activities, it is hoped that at least a few more people can be saved from the Worry and stress these gangs of low lives have brought many others.

We show how they operate, we show how the friends and associates which they mix with get in on the act also. From Blackmailing to Threats and Child picture dealing and collecting this website aims to show all, For decent peoples warning.

We also have for your Must watch benefit a copy of "How To Block Ban " From your Channels the Rats before they start infestations ..

At we bring you both Facts on Videos for your own judgements, but also many a Video to keep you entertained with some humor. As we have found using the funny side tends to help diffuse the situation and turns the tables on the Rats.

We show how to block and prevent Rat Infestations on your own Channels in the first instance, with clear video.

We also show and advise why you Must be extra careful with your private life on you tube or elsewhere as in the wrong hands this can lead to ongoing future problems, Showing your family pictures in what seems a harmless way like facebook etc, can in the wrong hands be asking for problems. Pictures you take of your own Children playing in a paddling pool to us normal people is fine, BUT !! To a Kiddy picture collecting gang can be pure excitement !! As the recent "Rat Pack" Scummet gang and its associates online ring we have been watching and following closely and uncovered shows. Many money scams operate, asking for donations for projects or services, these are very very dangerous, and we urge people to do research with who you give money to online, as statistics show over 85% lead to loss of money of funding bogus bad guys wealthy lifestyles.

So hope you enjoy the website and take a lot of warnings from it . Bookmark and call back regularly for updates etc, and its a FREE site so please visit the Supporters to help keep the costs covered, and ensure you warn others by Promoting this Website.

A VERY Noticeable thing people notice is How it seems the low sad Troll gang shit of youtube seem to ATTRACT Much the same low life nothing nobody social degenerates to join.  seems to be the same lonely sad old men with NO Loving family or friends? Just sad stuck in shit hole houses or home made sheds! With NOTHING in their lifes but HATE & Jealousy.  Just a look at the few on here who tip the top of the gang,  Dirty unwashed people with NOTHING in their lives. OR Had a bad life and bitter and twisted to see anyone having a normal life.

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