Christopher Lippincott the BLACKMAILER 

Yes Its True watch these few sample Video´s and see how using your Kids pictures this smoothy attempts Blackmail. And spot the clues.

First THE Absolute usual bullshit Christopher Druggyshitbrain Lippincott - (Lippencott used with fake id often ) Logan, story of how it was a one off video in a hot headed moment is shown as lies, then see as he shows his own poopoo face on his channel was done by himself,

with one of his many fake accounts.. TRUST ME This shit is bad news and "ANYONE" who even speaks to him "MUST" be as sick as him .

MUTED In parts as he was naming names and what he wants to do with the kids !! The SICKO

Now MOST know all this about Lippincott, but they all run around behind him shouting no he did not, oh he is great and the poor victim etc,  WHY?  ONLY Other sick people with a mind as drugged and evil as Lippincotts would even want to know the Guy,  YET  THEY All protect and hide his past and his REAL Sick bully actions day after day?

Christopher Lippincott the BLACKMAILER druggy

Captured from his own video he showed his boiling pipe for the shit he puts in his body to keep him going day and night in his Pretend alter ego King of youtube baddies world. And repairs to YOUR car or Boat at the TBR Car and Boat business in Texas.

For this reason its well assumed that "ANYONE" Who even says hello to the garbage decrepid sick Person , IS as bad as him in mind, and should also be avoided in real life, as this Guy is likened to a dangerous druggy with a warped mind and ready to Explode in to violence any day! MAKE SURE YOUR NOT around him when he does.

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