Charlie "Chaz" Todd Finley Finleys Total Boat Restorations HaltomCity Texas

When his Partner/Boss was told and asked what he thought on Christopher N Lippincott he replied "He is a Great Guy" !!!!

So if anyone wants to speak and give your opinions of the blackmail scum Partners in Youtube Bullying & why they find it fun to trash youtubers? NOTE;

Lippincott Logan Runnin is STILL In employment-Partnership with Chaz Finley - Todd Finley will say he is Not, but he is and he is covering as new info has them in bed together with the scummy youtube trashing People for fun.
Speak to Todd Finley - "Chaz Charlie Todd Finley" at Finleys Boat Restorations, who funds and helps his "sport"and Laughs at youtubers ..lines open 24/7 -  ( Outside USA add 001 ) 817-726-9998

Maybe ringing is not your thing, well if your a facebooker pop in and let him know decent people do NOT do what Him, and his sick Drug sidekick partner Christopher Lippincott DO EVERY Day .

& Ask WHY? he uses Todd Finley only? why not the Charlie Todd Finley ? WHAT Is he hiding with id changes ???

Charlie Chaz Todd Finley Finleys Total Boat Restorations Haltom City Texas

DEDICATION TO THE FUN & Blackmails and Harrassment fun at TBR Finleys Total Boat Restorations has them even fitting a YOUTUBE PC Direct on the shop floor. So NEVER a minute can go by without them getting there FUN at others misery..

Finley even covered for him again in July 2017. "(YET Logan was there in background sniggering with that sicko laugh)" !!  Finley said he kicked him out 2 years ago. said he caught him always wanking in the toilet . yea now tells you exactly the mindset of Finleys couple of SICK Pervy freaks !! COVERING CRIMES Yet again !! with filth , says it all for you .

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