Christopher Lippincott, aka, Logan Runnin seems to be well known locally for encounters with small kids, needing Police attendance.

Christopher Lippincott - Logan Runnin seems to be known locally for encounters with small kids, these videos he made will explain the strange reason why? Him telling kids to keep the noise down, should warrant Police swooping and leaving him hid in the bathroom? Seems maybe the locals already know what a creepy person he is and what exactly did happen to him and the little kids.. Watch and decide , remember Chris Lippincott IS The biggest Liar EVER walked the earth.. " So read between the lines"

Ask YOURSELF When have you ever known Police called to a simple kids telling off ... WARNING SIGN YET AGAIN !! ..

Paedophile Christopher Lippincott and Kids Police involved again, reason why he attacks innocent people like Peter Kuske

he put many videos out on youtube naked in his bathroom, did he go out and flash the kids? did he ask them nicely to be quiet? Well only the kids will know this, but its a certainty something went down a little more than was given in his video, which he made to the Haltom City Police on the incident.

Christopher Lippincott known Paedophile in Haltom City texas  and Kids Police involved reason he attacks Peter Kuske

The biggest problem reported from many people is that he does so much drugs that he forgets what he said day to day and can run lies as easy as just the normal everyday thing.

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