Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care, As long as he gets what HE Wants.

Story came in which again just shows how low this Christopher Lippincott has sank, this is one his so called Pals should know and be pretty annoyed at.  The CJ his arse wiper and who spends all day and night shouting he is innocent and they all lie, and his side kick secret lover on skype the geek down under, both who it is rumored are being blackmailed by Lippincott as he holds something on them as he has on Charles Todd Finley his life long Partner and friend.

The story which has been confirmed by residents in the same complex and which Christopher Lippincott also Logan Runnin  (Lippencott),  share is one of a very serious COCKROACH infestation, at the digs he slums in.  So BAD was the infestation the Landlords had to evacuate the building, for some 2 weeks.  Many may recall his video how he showed his so called neighbours cockroach problem.  YES for once in his life he did speak a tiny truth !  RARE  YES, but the problem was severe.  WHAT Chris Lippincott omitted was HIS had the problem and the LANDLORD PROVIDED "FREE" ACCOMODATION  whilst the de CockRoach extermination of the Building was undertaken.  Just a small point Logan did NOT mention, as it would spoil a great MONEY Fleece from his Friends.

Remember The TBR Finleys Boat Restorations Damaged Foot incident?  The oh he is off work and at the same time He HAS to leave his digs and PAY for new ones? deposit and all that?  Remember Now?

Oh  POOR Logan his friends went , we MUST help, bad foot , NO Place to live etc,  BAD  Except NOT Accurate as he well knew.  Todd Finley Still Paid him why would he not? he works week arrears and has holiday pay, and even sick pay, UNLESS Lippincott is as thought CASH in hand?  Finleys and Cash and Tax avoidance is NOT unheard of, hence why only use Todd Finley when full name is Charlie or Chaz Finley.  Thats a whole other story, the point is Logan Chris Lippincott, (Lippencott). GAINED a nice little ruse to get DRUG Money.  So below see how he got $785 FREE from his pals, NOT as its needed but it was just a Money scam at his Pals expense.

He IS STILL at his old address after its been defumagated, and given a clean bill of health. ALL costs paid by the Landlords. He was back at work several days later and EVEN After that he KEPT the Lies running, MILKING and Showing his true character with his FEW friends, and collecting ongoing FREE money.

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care

He NEEDS HELP?  1 day and he can NOT feed his dog, Needs a Doctor, and NEEDS To Move to New Location.   And His Friends fell for it , DELIBERATE  Go Fund Me SCAMMER , Worse than that is his total CON and SCAM His very own Friends.  ALSO, NOTE  The Name and address -  The one he says is NOT Him (as he also has a false ID under Lippencott.) Notice it states CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT - HALTOM CITY...

ALL WHO GAVE YOUR SAD & STUPID, He CONNED You!  He is laughing at you behind your back, took advantage of your Soft Side and stupid side.  Go Fund me SHOULD be notified and the money pulled back. ALL The money went on is this.

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care FOR DRUGS

  Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care

 It Certainly did NOT Go on His Outstanding BENCH Warrants. STILL Outstanding at August 2017. READ MORE HERE ..........................READ MORE HERE ..........................

 Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals THEFT

DRIVING WITH NO INSURANCE .. Yes IF HE Ran YOU or your Kids over ·YOU· Would NOT get a Cent.  WHO would pay any ongoing health care?  Who would Repair Your Vehicle? 

He Runs Stop Lights as he is mostly in a dumb stuper all day and night, FROM YOUR paid for drugs he gets. THIS Is the REAL Christopher Lippincott,  NO RESPECT For People, LAW, Friends and Partners.  ONLY  Logan MATTERS ..

THE Apt That had the Cockroach infestation where Logan had to move out of for a couple of weeks, Placed in FREE alternate accomodation whilst it was done, and now he is back there and become $780 better off. Thanks to the idiots who believe a single word he says.

OCKROACH HOUSE Lippincott Texas Money scammer


Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care -  5005 NE Loraine Street, Haltom City, Texas, TX 76117

   Christopher N Lippincott Lippencott Friends at home TEXAS

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care COCK ROACH Infestations The STORY he Hides..

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