David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman

Youtube Long Timer, always at the back of many Bad things Coincidence maybe ? But how many coincidences? Well from many valid reports

Ongoing Youtube battles have seen David Greg dazzathecameraman "ALWAYS" present or hovering, many say he controls things from behind? Uses weak others to Put stuff out whilst staying hidden. Possible? one thing seems certain for a meek mild person he mixes with some rough people. Why? This is the Big Question? On the Front is this Calm well spoken mannered Young Man, but beneath the surface he has a different side, wild outbursts and obsession with skype face to face with anyone, David Greg or Greig (seems to use 2 names?) Scandals and tales of connection to kids and called out as a Pedophile, were widespread many years ago a claim which a Sangstar1 Youtuber stood firm on and swore had evidence, but was very quickly shut down and quietened when David Greg Had the New Zealand Police silence Sangstar1, with a court injunction. Since that time dazzathecameraman and Logan Runnin the front attacker and speaker, as David Greg insists on keeping his Own Channel clean, have been chasing and harassing Sangstar1 in a ongoing battle, and videos to down little him. Logan on this is the front man whilst David Greg controls from behind .

When looking in to the history a very disturbing picture emerges, You do not see David dazzathecameraman put videos out, unless they are attacking other users, under a debunking format, debunking we understand is where others works are ripped to shreds, to make the uploader be shamed. This act itself is suspect. Is there money gain to it? Yes , by using the original uploaders name on title, this attracts there followers and thus money revenue is made.

If you follow this site, many references always appear with dazzathecameraman involved? for a clean quiet man, he does appear to be in the thick of most youtube battles? Is that a warning sign again? dazzathecameraman David Greg and trouble seem to go hand in hand?

So who is he? Many times he does public live chats with friends Astronomy Live, wtf sky, Christopher Lippincott Logan Runnin, and others, to debunk and humiliate other youtubers, as they debunk pics of claimed Nibiru Planet X pics, put out by others, and he claims to be a amateur astronomer with space objects knowledge.

David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman Best friend of Paedophile Christopher Lippincott and helps attack Peter Kuske  David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman friend of notorious Paedophile Christopher Lippincott who helps the attack of Peter Kuske

David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman Tauranga Observatory friend  of Paedophile Christopher Lippincott who helps the attack of Peter Kuske

Here is David Greg or Greig aka Dazzathecameraman at the Observatory Tauranga New Zealand, Sat down in center, looks a normal kind of Guy, not the type you would expect to hang around in his spare time online, with Logan Runnin Chris Lippincott? so why? This is the biggest question and puts David Greig or Greg very much in the spotlight, this connection is so out of what a gentle meek astronomer type should mix with, so what do a crazed drug taking blackmailer slime of youtube and a meek mild geeky brainy type have to talk about? ASK? would you ever see a normal clean lad sit down the far end of the Ghetto bar with a drug taking Blackmailer? It is this partnership which youtube rats feel is of note worthy importance. and Alarming.

We know Sangstar1 was shouting and accusing David Greg of having some strange thing with kids, not rumors as this was stifled by New Zealand Police who gave Sangstar1 legal cease and desist orders. This subject is closely hidden and protected by David and we have been unable to get more information, but something went on somewhere? Now lets fast forward in time to the events of what we shall call the BIG Blackmail number 1, the Pete WDHCo & Logo Experts week long planned and executed blackmail, If you listen to the sound bites of the videos made during them days of Blackmail and Kids Pictures held and such. A few clear signs come out from Logans Rants,

1. He "Christopher Lippincott "always says "WE" Found all your family, "WE" Got your business details , and such. Not "I" But we? well if you have viewed the videos of Logan in any detail, its clear he could not investigate his own pyjama draw. so who is this "WE" ? During one of the Blackmail harassing videos, Logan did show a email with data and links to pics attached? So who found and sent him the Blackmail Info? This was a Team Blackmail effort, clearly NOT a head hotted one off moment, as strangely Dazzathecameraman still today WILL Never admit Logan did anything wrong?

2. If You follow later on the next slander, innocent victim attack, again you hear "WE" and not "I" if you follow and listen to the DSW74 attack, again loud and clear you see David Greg dazzathecameraman was there and had made first contact with the victims wife? Who later came on to tell of her sex stories and such. and confirmed she had been in touch with dazzathecameraman,months previous? dazza had all the files he had searched from the internet, showing he has a good investigative touch. and this paperwork and files was passed between the Gang and Logan at the time.

3. Close links and Very Good friends with a CJ Woman, who is or was Logans Girlfriend, she has been linked and seen as a major behind the scenes player, and produced videos for Logan to attack many and spent many hours under a shared youtube account name, Bruce Hamilton this Channel we are advised by ex insider was a shared account, used to follow around claiming Logan did NOT Do anything wrong and never had pictures, and yet its been established YES they did have pictures, of the home cars and boats, as they used these in a website many months later. amongst the sets of pictures was kids (toddlers) 4 and 5 , ironically one a blonde one, as Logan clearly got excited over? CJ had those pictures and it follows the VERY High Possibility, David Greg WOULD have the pictures videos also. Would he admit this? NOT likely as the Police was called to investigate the incident and to say so , he would know,that would only bring attention and Police investigations in New Zealand. see "Is Dazzathecameraman Bruce Hamilton Article" and you decide, nobody knows who was behind the keys at that time, but again very suspect.

4. A clear Jekyll & Hyde side to David Greg dazzathecameraman clearly exists, by day the warm well mannered gentle Person, but the real inside and lack of any sense of decency, comes through with the latest TROLL operation, This is a new operation formed 2016 headed and again filled with some very sick people, and again the Logan Dazza team are involved. The sick side and lack of any morals shows. NEW victims have there own pictures used on youtube, with a single aim to ridicule and cause hurt and force by bullying, channels to close. TROLL member friends of his, even threaten violence and abuse to the kids of the chosen target? In posts messages and even videos.

YET ? David Greg dazzathecameraman likes these videos, and NEVER comments as to how wrong it is? Never appears to spare a thought to the harm it does? They all actually celebrate when yet another youtuber is destroyed, and hold live chats to relish the glory of the destruction. see "TROLL gang" article.

5. It is reported that dazzathecameraman has some disability leaving him a lot of time at home, is this the reason for wanting to create a new friend group online? and this excitement of knowledge over dim youtubers and how easily they can be manipulated by him, gives some excitement, and the chance to be what he so desired had he not had the illness? who knows? but the saying judge by the company you keep rings loud with David Greg, as he is always surrounded by the low end youtubers, very much the jealous types, and this feeds and makes them easily to be fooled by David Greg. Is he indeed the ring master? Or just unlucky to be in EVERY issue on youtube involving kids, blackmails, slanders and such? Who knows? But many mention the similar format of people. single sad people no kids or single parents with small kids. From Waptek to wtf sky, mostly single and online lifes MORE important than the reality life, and many are ex criminals, druggies, homeless even? such a strange mix that you would not expect a meek mild normal guy to want to know, let alone have skypes with.

VERY VERY Suspect.. Take a look and see, when there is trouble on youtube, David Greg is normally there somewhere? mixed in with it, from ex hookers to druggies yep he has them on speed dial on email skype or phones.. WHY ?
David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman  emails his Paedophile best friend Christopher Lippincot to help with attack of Peter Kuske


SIMPLE LOOK at the TROLL Members  you will see whos who. The same members time and time again, "RED Dotted "with 1 sole aim to TROLL - "Tossers Ruining Others Lives Livelyhood" they call it truth seeking?

TRUTH? If these tell you the time you better check it. A mix of Druggies and vagabonds with one aim to RUIN Youtube.. NO INPUT Just destruction day in and out.

So WHY? Why would a mild mannered disabled keen astronomer rub shoulders and spend every moment Trashing Youtube? Well who knows but . One thing is certain it is NOT to debunk Nibiru. That is a lie. So what on earth is it?

The BIGGEST Known Nibiru Pusher a Gil Broussard has been on there live shows, NOT a word said ? His wife and kids NOT threatened? NO private threats of baseball bats on the head in the early hours. NONE of that?

Darkskywatcher74 a past victim of Dazza Logan and the gang- was a firm NONE Nibiru pusher , yet he had his Channel hammered day and night by David Greig and the gang?

Sangstar 1 the one who holds a secret on David Greg and was issued a Police order to be quiet, has been saying Lock up your kids for years ? again WHY? What did he know ? WHY police needed? and this was many years ago. and HE has never been a Nibiru Pusher as far as we know?

So WHAT do you make of all this? SIMPLE NIBIRU is just the cover ."The Cover for what is the BIG question?"

So they say youtubers who make money by monetizing videos! Well thats also rubbish. as Many including dazza David Greg ,Monetize, and even beg ask for donations. Even Logan Christopher Lippincott begged with a gofundme account.

YET Thats fine? As its the gang they can and do earn from the Misery on the "Trash the youtube" game as Logan calls it.

Rumors abound that David Greg and Christopher Lippincott and others share kids pictures between them taking harmless strangers pics and then zooming them cropping and selling them? a far bold call which is most likely just a

rumour, but you need to ask WHAT IS GOING ON THERE? People like Scott Ferguson "astronomy live" Channel, David Greg "dazzathecameraman" clean looking clever people mixing and skyping with known excons like "tige Hand" kid pic hoarders , blackmailers ,drunk,druggies like Chris Lippincott "Logan Runnin - King Logan and many other channel names" Homeless sex maniacs like William Price "Waptek channel" and on it goes .. ALL Skype hang out together ?


TROLL youtube COVER up

dazzathecameraman live with his Paedophile friend  logan runnin aka Christopher Lippincott

SEE The latest TROLL team move above, This guy Scott C the latest target in relentless Hate and slander campaign, King Logan aka Logan Runnin ,Christopher Lippincott. has a video showing a pdf, yes a pdf "which are easily manipulated". which has the latest victim supposed to have committed 23 crimes in a 33 page document? BOLD Claim . problem is they conveniently ommit that there is 3 Scott C on the list and the report online contains all in a batch. So ignore it and do NO More research and proceed with the Gang on a slander campaign as his being so bad even the Police are still looking for him. SEE above how dazza and Logan still are joined at the hip, as dazzathe cameraman , David Greg proudly promotes the news, by copying and putting the false information to the public. WHY ? David Greg & Scott Ferguson can spot a fake picture at 2 million miles, on others works, and yet ? can not see or do not want to see the truth, by doing more research? on this obvious mix up? WHY?



IT DOES NOT SUIT TO DO THAT DOES IT? Better to destroy the victim and have a skype laugh after the event maybe? WHO KNOWS? But certainly actions of some sick people who live to destroy youtube just for kicks?

Without more ado, David Greig & Astronomy Live along with Shawn Hufford another Gang member, put out a live video- asking people to spread the news of the child abuse and to even tell his sponsors , how bad a criminal this guy is and to go ahead and let others know.. all on the strength of a pdf .. How tight are the gang, very tight , skype emails phones and live hangouts,with a single aim to destroy youtubers .. WHY?

Logan Runnin David Greg Greig Tauranga New Zealand aka dazzathecameraman

 Where ever you look David Greig/Greg AKA DAZZATHECAMERAMAN is there amongest the sleaze and the dirt. 

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