CharlesTodd Finley Finley`s Boat Restorations Haltom City Fort Worth Texas

Now some people say well what has Charles Todd Finley to do with all this ? Well apart from being rude and lying about Lippincott working with him at Finley´s Boats Haltom City, Texas, ? THE FACTS SHOW he knows and gives his blessings..

Decent people should react accordingly when they know a BAD thing has been done by a friend or employee and "NOT" help and cover their tracks . Its similar to you watching your best friend tie up and rape a little girl , would you say oh its ok ? Or would you step in and cut all ties and report it to the Police ?

Also people and the Public trust their  Boats to Finleys Boat Restorations and have a right to know who and what they are letting into their life !! Imagine they worked on your boat and did a poor job ?

Are you going to say anything when as per this video Christopher Lippencott Lippincott demonstrates his smooth manner ? Or when a simple question is met with obscenities ? Then add the risk of you innocently leaving your family pics and addresses etc, with them ? Are You to be blackmailed ? or worse ? who knows ??
BOATING In Texas ? See the Finley Boat Restorations of Haltom City Texas Top Mechanic at work

QUESTION IS - Does Finleys Know what Logan does with his gang for kicks ?

Well have a look and see, and you decide ? GUILTY From the word Go? OR Just GUILTY as the covering up the crimes? AND Why? DOES HE LET HIM CONTINUE? and COVER FOR HIM.


1. He knew Blackmail and Kids pictures were being used as the Tool, to create suffering to others.

2. He knew his Partner was doing it, but chose to let it continue on others.

3. Lippincott Bragged how its all "A Laugh" To Them at Finley Boats.

4. Todd Finley allowed the Youtube Harrasments to be done from HIS Own PC in his office.and installed a shop floor youtube for Lippincott.

5. He on multiple times LIED & Told people he had been sacked and was a useless Bum, whilst having Lippincott with him, Whilst all the time knows he

still is giving them a laugh. EVEN Telling one of the callers, He was sacked for constantly wanking in the toilet!!  WHAT Boss speaks like that to cover up?

ACTIONS OF A INNOCENT PARTY? NO Guilty as accomplice Plain and simple. EVIL only sticks with Evil ..Watch the Video TRIAL below.


Charles Todd Finley Finley`s Boat restorations Haltom City Fort Worth Texas

Paedophile Charles Todd Finley Finley`s Boat restorations Haltom City Fort Worth Texas facebookCharles Todd Finley of Finley`s Boat Restorations Haltom City Texas

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