TIGE DEREK HAND Convicted Drug Dealer and all round professional criminal 

 Tige Derek Hand Prison ID

Tige Derek Hand Buckeye Cir Covington Georgia USATige Hand Drug pusher Covington Georgia USATige Hand AKA 8 Ball Tiggy Covington Georgia USA

This is TIGE DEREK HAND. As you can see this is his Prison ID card. This is also his Youtube channel name.

Tige Hands Original Youtube Channel has now been  terminated by Youtube for VIOLATING YOUTUBES GUIDLINES!! 

See image below!!

Tige Derek Hand AKA 8 Ball Tiggy still living with Mommy in Covington Georgia USA

He is involved with the cyber Harassment gang calledTROLL (yep great name). Tige Hand is proud to be a member of this sick gang! Tige Hand is an ex criminal and now likes to commit crimes online instead. Tige likes to go around constantly harassing and bullying other people on Youtube. He does this by making disgusting comments on their channels, and makes the most stupid videos with just text content to reply to people who comment back to him. What a waste of Youtube's server space! He looks a real honest and trust worthy pillar of society!!


This sick individual also likes to harass people by divulging their personal information, especially if he doesnt like the type of videos these people are making or if he feels they should not be allowed on Youtube!  Tige Hand then makes it his business to put this persons info out on the youtube platform for everyone to see. His sick mates in TROLL then like to mirror the video and put it on all their other accounts, hopefully to get this person to leave youtube.  The stuff Tige decides to put out are anything he can get his hands on, the bigger the dirt the better! He especially likes to put out peoples criminal records, yes this coming from someone who is a criminal themselves!

So Tige Hand does not feel left out, it is only fair that his personal info is shared for everyone to see!

Tige Hand aged 46 Covington Georgia USA

Tige Hand Covington Atlanta Georgia USA

Tige Hand not only likes to show other Youtuber's personal info he takes great delight in giving out their family members info too! Tige lives at 20 Buckeye Cir, Covington Georgia , with his mother! Yes thats correct a 46 year old man still living with his mother, this is the usual trait for a TROLL member. They either are still living with their parents or are sad lonely individuals who will never to amount to anything, and Tige certainly has that trait!!

Tige Hand Covington Georgia information

Tige Hand 20 Buckeye Cir Covington Georgia USA

This is where Tige Derek Hand lives with his Mommy, 20 Buckeye Cir Covington Georgia USA. So there is no doubt this is where this vile cyber bully lives here is the proof!

Tige Hand Criminal from Covington Georgia

The image on the left is from a video Tige Hand posted on his Youtube channel and the image on the right is from Google Maps. As you can see the same car is parked on the drive, typical low class trait, car has been parked in the same position for years!!

Tige Hand still lives with his Mommy at aged 46

The image on the left is from Tige Hands crap Youtube channel showing outside of his house. The image on the right is the house opposite him on Google Maps. As you can see they match and show with no doubt this is exactly where Tige Hand the criminal lives!!



Seen as Tige Hand likes to show other peoples criminal Records then it is only right that his is shown, then people can see what type of person he is and why he thinks it is ok  for him to do this to other Youtubers.

Crinimal Tige Hand 20 Buckeye Cir Covington Georgia USA

As you can see Tige Derek Hand has a long criminal past. Stealing from people, Bad Checks, Cocaine crimes. Now this is a so called grown man who thinks its his buisness to post other people's criminal records on Youtube! Talks the big i am and is completely proud of his criminal past!! Another quality member of the criminal gang TROLL on Youtube!! He thinks everyone else is a criminal except for himself. Drugs and crimes seem to play a big part of this TROLL Gang, there are quite a few with drug problems and with criminal records as long as your arm!!  

As you can see Tige Hand is such an asset to Youtube, we are sure the advertisers are queing up to put adverts on his quality videos, which are all to attack people and try to harass and intimidate them to leave Youtube.

Tige Derek Hand Covington Georgia USA

 Tige Hand's Criminal Friends all together on Facebook

As you can see Tige Hand's friends are all the usual TROLL cyber Harassment gang members. They all have the same mentality and are either sad lonely indivduals with mental issues, have criminal records for serious crimes, or still live at home with Mommy and Daddy!


Below are a few examples of the informative and intelligent comments Tige Hand likes to dish out! He is also a friend of the notourious Blackmailer, and Kid pic stealer LOGAN RUNNIN aka BETRAYED aka BETRAYED BY ALL  CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT/LIPPENCOTT of HALTOM CITY TEXAS !

Tige Hand the criminal from Georgia USATige Derek Hand Cocaine Drug Dealer from Georgia USA

Tige Hand 46 still lives with Mommy at 20 Buckeye Cir Covington Georgia USA

Tige Derek Hand Steals from People in Georgia USA

Tige Hand ugly mouthed mommies boy from Covington Georgia USA

Tige Derek Hand woman Harasser from Georgia USA

These example comments just show what a vile piece of work Tige Hand is. These comments are to women, we can see now why Tige Hand is still single at 46! Wonder if he kisses his Mommy with that dirty rude mouth!! Hopefully this vile filth has never been able to breed!

Tige Hand likes to cause trouble and harass people where ever he can. As shown he subscribbes to a vile channel called "The devils favourite Demon" this channel makes videos attacking other Youtube channel's personally and has videos referring to Satanic witchcraft and Blackmagic. Amazing how Tige Derek Hand was one of the first to subscribe to this sick channel, and likes these sick videos !! Does Tige Hand have a part in this Youtube channel? Makes you wonder!Tige Hand sick drug dealer of Georgia USA

Tige Derek Hand Drug dealing devil worshipper

So lets sum Tige Derek Hand of 20 Buckeye Cir Covington Georgia USA up. He's a known criminal which includes Felonies. He hangs around with other criminals. He still lives at home with his Mommy even though hes 46 nearly 47 years old. He makes videos he says are to educate people on Youtube, yet all they are for is to Harass and Bully other Youtubers to intimidate them to leave Youtube. He makes vile rude comments to women, maybe this is why hes single, obviously is a woman hater, and does'nt like women to have an opinion. Maybe his Mommy was tough on him when he was a little boy! He likes to  put out peoples personal information and if they happen to have a criminal record, he takes great delight in posting that information. This Mommies boy then cries like a big baby if anyone puts where he and his Mommy live, or anything to do with his past.

Well Tige Derek Hand you'd best get mommy to wipe the tears and snot away, because you have now been given back some of your own medicine!!

We will be posting more about Tige Derek Hand as we get the info passed to us.

If anyone would like to get intouch with more info on the Criminal Drug Dealer Tige Hand then contact us through the website. 









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