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David Greig dazza, Puts his Story online in a comment under a video, Chris Lippincott-Lippencott, Logan, Blows His Lid and spills some very interesting beans, as if anyone with half a brain did not already know all this, the Masked mentally ill sicko´s  behind the slanderous DFD channel, had been called out, and the whole picture known. What is good about these two Lippincott Videos, is it just completely confirmed what had been EASILY deduced for a while. ONLY TROLL members, the ones who live and thrive on all the hate and harrassments, to fill the sad life they must have, refuse to swallow real Truth, they much prefer to live in their youtube fantasy land, which consists of them being something, a gang member..

How all this story looked to the ones with brains..

The way the DFD episode and the slander sites under control of David Greig dazza, Tige Hand and Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott was all planned a while back. Was that Tige Hand had unused channels,which he used for following his passion wrestling, and a pledge to back David Greig up 100%, a combined Hatred of the J & M of wtf channel, a hatred of a Scott of Planet X channel, the hatred runs so deep that even though Chris Lippincott-Lippencott (yes he has two id´s) they all use fake id´s its part the way they roll, David Greig uses Greg, Gregg, and no doubt other Trolls do likewise, although thats a unfair to tarnish all Troll gang as a few do we believe are good at heart, and have been duped in to believing this Gang is something doing good, by warning 24 people in the world that what a few people say about Nibiru is false and that it does not exist. They know all this as they have telescopes and they look every Monday Morning at around 9am. So armed with this Rock solid evidence, they feel it is their duty to Trash any Nibiru Channel, show thier homes families, businesses and slander and destroy these people and channels, for the good of the handful of other youtubers approx 24 who may find their channels. The Reality is it is all a cover story, many even were or are Nibiru believers.  this has though become such Fun for the Gang that the excuse is used and gives them a cover for the undercover activities some of the Gang engage in.

Back to the story. How it looked to the ones with brains ..

David Greig, so filled with anger and hate for wtf, makes a deal with Lippincott, the deal is to ring J of wtf, and ask scripted questions, regarding the digging and finding of old details of David Greigs other hated enemy Scott of Planet X, IN RETURN he will reinstate the slander websites in his control on Pete, Pete is the one who has been blackmailed, slandered and had to fight these very same Gang as is known, year after year. ANY chance Finleys Boats Lippincott can get to Slander Pete more is fine to him.  SO THE DEAL IS DONE ...

Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott, Does his requirement and Calls J of wtf and reads his scripted dialogue, asking the exact questions David Greig, dazza, requires,  Finleys Lippencott does his job well, he gets the spoken proof, that wtf did buy the pdf file on Scott, all this call secretly recorded by Greig, it is then duly put out on a video by Greig, this he hopes will make Scott of Planet X channel, so furious that HE will attack wtf channel.  THE PLAN FAILED,  Scott did not react, Scott is a grown up and not so stupid to fall for the obvious set up.  However Lippincott HAS at this stage done his duty, fulfilled his obligation the Rat gang is all snuggly and warm again. Although to the youtube world the pretence of the Fallen out Charade MUST Continue, so Lippincott very regular shouts on vids dazza is a yellow belly coward, and similar, ALL to keep the plan rolling along.  ONLY a TROLL could not spot all this, but grown ups spotted it easy as acting is NOT something Greig and Lippincott are good at. slandering and making lies oh experts, but acting and Truth very rare and NOT good at it.

Lippincott now asks for his return side the deal, Greig has a new problem arrive, wtf have been chatting and now friends of Scott. This is like red rag to a bull, Greigs little brain would be pumping he would be popping his blood vessels and stomping his feet at this stage.  he can not tackle the Logan Pete issue, until he has more dirt on wtf and Scott, so it needs delaying, DFD channel is used to target harrass J & M of wtf channel in a sick minded warped DEVIL fashion, threatening their homes and family, YES the usual sick way they work.  But its all in the need to debunk Nibiru of course?  we are told is the excuse. Tige Hand & David Greig after wearing wtf down, and that going quiet, they  then decide after xmas is the time,

Plenty of work is made behind the scenes including the brainwave of making up a false news articles, branding Pete as being convicted of so many crimes , from drug lord, to frauds, to even and loved by Lippincott the actual kiddy lover, of fiddling with his Grandson, Oh how they all got wet with excitement at this plan, telling Chris Lippincott be patient, david Greig drops his little sick hints, like a picture of Pete´s town, in the middle of another channels video debunking Pete, oh how David Greig must of got a wet patch on that one, he he oh i got that in.  Then the DFD channel starts with the little 8 year old , we are your worst nightmare , well you know the score on how the sicko´s work.  Then they drop the masterpiece the Faked NEWS article. with J of wtf, Scott of Planet X, and Pete in it the 3 of the targets in one fake news article, oh they must of dribbled and skyped on that for hours, followed from this a drug Lord faked news article, and then the Grandkids faked one, NOW Comes the David Greig - Christopher Lippincott , KILL Shot, this will make him runaway and hide they think, Lippincott is extatic shouting around LOOK heres the proof. the usual NEVER think a plan through by the deadly RAT GANG, who have the minds of 7 year olds, and the brains of 12 year olds. Same old people with new members, who it should be noted are NOT ALL Bad, but they have been duped into thinking they are in something Truthful Honest and genuine, FACT Time you have been fooled.. Decent people you need to wake up quickly..

The website is launched , on this polished smart website is the faked news article they created, along with many Companies which they have severely defamed as frauds scams and well the usual Sick Trio Lies slanders. Proudly boasted out as having Christopher Lippincott of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas, as the owner. Yes indeed Lippencott, was given this website, he just was sitting down having his Beer and this website was given to him, in a gift bag.

Strangely David Greig dazza, also got a Free Gift from the "Domain name Fairy" in his sleep. This one brought by the "Domain name Fairy" the same time as Lippencotts,  it is a miracle the "Domain name Fairy" just gave them away.  and at the exact time within 2 minutes of each other, from the same GoDaddy domain Fairies HQ, brought and given away in a flash.. 

MANY problems exist on that story, a Domain name is NOT a simple here take that, You can not just say hey have this, it is not like a Christmas Card, or giving away a old Radio. Domains are brought sold and always have a home on a domain account somewhere, if you purchase a domain website name it remains on the Domain Buyers Control panel, until it is correctly transferred.  This can only be transferred to someone who also holds a domain control panel. You can point a domain name if you produce a website for a client, then you would need that name to be routed to the clients web hosters ip address, that is not a transfer that is simply common on how websites operate.  The owner of the website under a domain is responsible for the actions of the name. As THEY have the final control to stop the website in its tracks.. So any talk of GIVING, as if its a old Radio, is hogwash. So the story of Christopher Lippincott and David Greig being given websites is only swallowed by idiots.

Website Hosting, here comes the next joke, Chris Lippincott supposedly gave his websites to a unknown DFD person.  The best he could do or David Greig or whoever actually controls the websites is give them password access..  IF ??  If  Lippincott had the website he would of as he states in the video, had it blasted with CRIMINAL SCUM all over and he would NOT have been doing deals with anyone.  A Deal with the one who owns the slander website he would of course do, as he has been thoroughly outed with Facts as this website proves. He WOULD Do anything to make his Facts and evidence go away. although how he Ever sees adding more Lies and slanders to help, ONLY inside his and his Pals warped 8 year old brains knows? All it does is build a even bigger FACTUAL side to how he and his Tight Rats operate, and thus increase the problem.

The Final responsibility of a defamatory online Slander campaign incorporates, those who aidded by spreading the Lies slanders, those aidding or created the Lies slanders, those promoting the links, right back to the actual Domain owner, who regardless of any claims as to not actually doing the website. IS In Full Control and can suspend the Website by deadening the Domain route in a second. And carries the Lions share of the Responsibility. This is key in this case instance, so as the below diagram picture. Domains can not hide. These domain names MUST be on one of the Gangs Domain names control panel. and you can be easily assured IT WILL NOT BE ON Lippincotts..

Dazza the cameraman v Paedophile Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks his best friend Paedophile Chris Lippincott - Replies

Another KEY issue?  WHO in there right mind, would let someone buy YOUR name, or known brandname. Unless Family, But we are told another Youtuber paid and owns dazzathecameraman and says i got this for you. Ridiculous situation so thats another reason the story is suspect. Mind You maybe there is a "Domain name Fairy"  I mean in the brains of this gang, with the drugs and such, its all possible..

In Chris Lippencott defence on this matter, yet again he has been used as the fool and they many times, done the sleaze behind the scenes and then passed to him to put out, whilst laughing behind his back and getting wet patches in the trousers over it all. Sad, that Finleys Chris Lippincott Just has not seen it, everytime from Sangstar1 to Darkskywatcher to BP Earth, and even Scott PX , he gets fed the bullshits and whatever is needed, and off he goes time after time getting deeper and deeper in the mire .. When is he ever to wake up ??



Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott - Replies

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