Youtube rats have been made aware of this web hosting company. ILOVEWWW.COM. The company is based in Maylasia and is a business partner of Shinjiru another web hosting and reseller based in Maylasia.

Any sites that are hosted on are extremely dangerous to view. They host the most dangerous websites, which include money scams, paedophile sites, virus attachments, including Trojans which

will do serious harm to your computers, phones and other electronic devices.

The below images are  from a website that scans for dangerous websites and which ones to avoid.

IlovewwwsuspiciouswebhostingILOVEWWWdangerouswebsite Christopher Lippincott uses for slanderous attack on Peter Kuske

The web hosts ILOVEWWW  do not do well in google search. If you search for them you will see the large amount of people who have had issues with websites hosted by ILOVEWWW.

Below are some examples of the dangerous websites ILOVEWWW allow on their servers.The ILOVEWWW website is so unprofessional, its email links do not work, and the contact numbers do not work either.

This goes to show what a shabby organisation ILOVEWWW are, and no decent businesses would ever consider using them as hosters. The only people who do use them are as shady and corupt as ILOVEWWW .

Type in ILOVEWWW in google search and see for yourself what comes up about them, there is nothing good. Any website hosing company who only has a low sale value says it all, and shows how creditable they are!

ILOVEWWWdangerousScamsILOVEWWWgooglesearchDangerousILOVEWWW hackers

How this web hosting allows this type of criminal activity it is not a surprise to us that the notorious Youtube Criminal and Kid picture stealer CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT has websites on ILOVEWWW servers.

Pedo Chris Lippincott Texas uses ILOVEWWW to attack Peter Kuske

The website CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT and his partners in crime have on are full off false allegations attacking a Youtube Rats supporter and myself Youtube Rats owner. The allegations on CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTTS website are trying to make out a respectable business man and myself are Paedophiles, this includes falsified Daily Mail news articles which he and his gang members have illegally altered to make it look like it is the person in question.

They have used stolen images from a video in the website and false articles which are badly written as anyone with half a brain could see if this person and myself  had done everything that CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT has accused us of we would never have seen the light of day and would still be locked away!

CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT is bragging about this website and that he now ownes the domain names ( article soon about sneaky transverals of said websites to try and cover other sick individuals) 

Below is a small screen shot of the website(used an old comptuer to access the website!) and proof of onwership by CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT (using one of his aliases) It also shows that it is hosted on

   Christopher Lippincott  ILovewww Pedo supporters      Christopher Lippincott ILovewww scam website hosters

The reason this is being done to this supporter of Youtube Rats and myself  is as everyone is aware anyone who starts to uncover the paedophiles or any sick individuals who have sick interests in children , are always made to look like

the ones doing these horrific crimes. This is done purely to try and trash and destroy decent people, because the Pedos themesleves know what things they do to children are vile and sick!.They have to make you look the bad guy

and try and make out everything that is said about them is a lie, but they will lie about you, your family even your dog to try to cover for what they really are!

Any Pedo Hunting groups that do a great job finding these criminals or people who out these sickos will tell you this is done to them on a daily basis.

Obviously we at Youtube Rats have now begun to uncover a bigger operation than we first realised, as it seems the rats are coming out in force to spread this made up harassment site.

Lets hope they catch a virus, a keylogger or anything else that ILOVEWWW allow to be hosted on their site, who knows maybe they infect the actual websites hosted ,seen as they are notorious for hosting dangerous and illegal websites!

Youtube Rats will not be held ransom to Blackmail and we will infact be further investigating this sick gang and soon the KING RAT who hides and everyone thinks is squeaky clean will be outted. As Christopher Lippincott is only a 

small part of the sick ring and has been outed many times on Youtube Rats.

If you find any sites hosted by ILOVEWWW,  click on them at your own risk! You have been warned.





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