This was supplied to us in connection with the ongoing opening the seedy can of worms roaming youtube, seems the more you see who are friends and connected the more sickening it becomes !  Alerted to this one by a attempt to silence investigations and Truth after proceeding to coherce others into more illegal activities, the lets check this homeless class piece of work out investigation commenced.. The findings will just make you more sick to the stomach as to pointing "even deeper " to the kids pervy weird stuff the Gang led by the General are into !!   We ask you to quickly go and see this for yourselves if you have the stomachs ??  as its more sick little boy pervy stuff the gangs friends and subs keep getting uncovered !!  COINCIDENCES ?   1 time sure 2 times oooh pushing it ?  3  Nope somethings not right !!!

Watch the video as the way to check fake accounts to real is to see ,  is the time channel set up, videos uploaded, activity, and google plus,  NO Way can a google plus link to a seperate email.  so this is REAL Caught by the short and curlies stuff.  Watch the video do the checking for you and get the sick bucket ready as he looks the normal dirty smelly tramp type !! the info says he is homeless ! and works from local Starbucks and cafe bars ! he is brazen enough to admit who he is and seems proud to be a Top technical man for the Scumbag team !! 

Watch the usual scum he is Pally with and ask ?  why they so Pally Pally and cover each others backs ??


William A Price Starbucks Oregon Stalker 

Waptek William A Price  with his sick Youtube pals

William A Price Starbucks Waptek Portland Oregon Hangs out with usual sick gang

William A Price WAPTEK2 Portland Oregon USA  Danger Alert Alarm Bells Ring Keep Clear

William A Price Waptek Starbucks Portland Oregon dangerous stalker

William A Price Waptek Portland Oregon Starbucks Vile Youtube Harasser

Waptek Starbucks Portland Oregon William A Price Danger to Children

William A Price WAPTEK2 Portland Oregon USA  Danger Alert Alarm Bells Ring Keep ClearWarning William A Price Waptek a Danger to people In Starbucks Portland Oregon.

Dangerous William A Price Waptek Starbucks Portland Oregon USA

As you can see this is another sick member of the Rat gang. They just get worse and worse the more you uncover.

 Ban Block delete a.s.a.p.  and NEVER Go near them & AVOID "STARBUCKS In Oregon" They allow this dirty sick weirdo to sit outside and use their FREE Wifi to harass and attack other Youbers.

Seen as he is a known hacker and how he is caught commenting about children, he is most likely hacking Starbucks customers to get money and worse to steal their childrens pictures.

He also stated last year he had been in a bike accident as his face was clearly swollen and bruised. The real facts are he charges Pedophiles to wipe their hard drives so they can not get caught.

One took offence to how much he was charging and pushed him out of the car. This is how William A Price makes money, you have to email him and he meets you at a certain place for him to do

the seedy work he is paid to do.

William A Price WAPTEK2 Portland Oregon USA  Danger Alert Alarm Bells Ring Keep Clear-STARBUCKS-predator 

William A Price WAPTEK2 Portland Oregon USA  Danger Alert Alarm Bells Ring Keep Clear

STARBUCKS 3366 US30 Portland Oregon DANGER

If you search the internet for William A Price Waptek, you will see that there are other users who have made articles about him, as shown below. There are many people who know about his shady dealings.

William A Price Waptek Portland Oregon USA Internet search


William A Price Waptek Portland Oregon USA internet search paedo links

As shown there are others that know William A Price AKA Waptek and his links to children(yep another one in the gang) and his hacking

and the seedy buisness he does.

It is well known William A Price AKA Waptek sits in the dark by STARBUCKS bins to steal their Internet, this is so there can be no trace to his seedy activiites on the DARK WEB!

He uses this to use hacking programmes and to search for whatever seedy things he likes to keep without people finding out about the real William A Price !!! 





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