Unjustified attack by Dazzathecameraman of Scott Planet X News.


The start of the attack against Scott of Planet X news was done by Dazzathecameraman.
He decided to do his "Debunking video" ( known as a lets put his channel name in title of video to pull his subs because it has taken me years to get to my small sub count)
Obviously Scott Planet X News did a video back telling his subs not to listen to him and Dazzthecameraman is trying to gain subs etc.
Dazza David Greig, in his usual way wanted to do a live hangout to show Scott how he was wrong and so make a name for himself as the great "Dazzathecameraman i know everything"
So Scott from Planet X news went on his live hangout, which included Astronomy Live one of  Dazzas side kicks.
The live stream was pleasent and Scott listened and they went on their merry way.
Scott did a video explaining that even though he went on there and they tried to get him to stop talking about Planet X and other matters, that he would still be
doing his videos and still keep his channel, and that People have a right to look at whatever videos they wanted.
Scott had also learned more about Dazzathecameraman and the way he does things on Youtube to try to belittle people.
So this was a difference of opinion and that Dazzathecameraman should have left his hangout up and let people decided who they wanted to believe.
But no thats not Dazzas style. Dazzathecameraman Dave Greig, Greg, likes to think he is the voice of Youtube and that everyone has to believe him.
How dare anyone answer Dazza back right?
So Dazzathecamerman David Greig/ Greg does what he always does, he and his minions search the internet day and night to try and find out who runs the Planet X News Youtube channel.
They find out its Scott and then decide to see what else they can find.
They find his address, his grandmother, his children, his ex wife and the creme de la creme his criminal record.
Dazza in his usual style waits until his best pal Logan Runnin ( Christopher Lippincott) puts Scott's criminal record out on his Youtube channel.
Scotts record is shown and everyone is told Scott has been aressted for many counts Child Abuse. What Dazzathecameraman and his pals dont show is that the record also states"NO HARM"
Everyone of Dazzas minions and the other scum of youtube go around saying it was "child molestation" Which was totally untrue.
Scott denies this in videos and Dazzas minons spread videos about it all over Youtube in their usual sick way with made up channels etc.
Dazzathecameraman, David Greig Gregg decides to call Scott (yep even got his cell number).
When Scott answers the call it is just Dazzathecameraman and does not inform Scott that the call is being recorded, and that Astronomy Live (Scott Ferguson) and Shawn Hufford are also in on the call!!

Below is a video of the Telephone call, it has been cut short with majors points left in it, as this was over an hour long interrogation by the three Gestapo's of Youtube.

As you watch and listen to what was being said you will see that not anywhere was Scott informed of the call being recorded, thats why it contains strong language because Scott obviously thought it was just a phone call from David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman. Grab a drink and listen to the demands that these three are making to Scott!!


So after the phone call, did all go on their merry way and go back to making videos of their "specialist subjects" 

Not a cat in hells chance!!

This recording was put out on videos for everyone to hear and of course for them to turn everything around in the usual Dazza way. To try to once more discredit Scott from Planet X News and to make it look like poor old Dazza and Astronomy Live "That bad man is picking on you little innocent snowflakes"

Dont forget the notorious Christopher Lippincot put the report out in a video first, and was calling Scott a child molester. No videos from David Greig/Greg to state that his long term partner in crime was lying !!

Christopher Lippincott David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman partner in crime Lies for Dazza

So the next move by Dazzthecameraman was to search and search ( not being to tired or having a migraine to do this!) and find anything else to try to get Scott from Planet X News to run away .

What he and his minons found was the police report. The one that the police fill out when they attend an incident. This police report which was made by Scotts Ex Girlfriend said that Scott had attacked her 5 year old son, by slapping  him in the face and had kicked him in his chest!. This was supposed to be the incident they had found on his criminal record. The one that stated "NO HARM"

Anyone with half a brain would know that if a grown man had attacked a 5 year old child in the way the woman had described then that child would have ended up in hospital with some serious injuries!! Anyone who had even touched a hair of a child would have been sent to prison, any decent parent would make sure of it if a man had attacked their child in the way she said had happened. 

Police Report Dazzathecamerman Attack of Scott Planet X NewsScotts Criminal Record No Harm David Greig Greg

They have never produced any medical records of such a attack, and they have never ever mentioned that the criminal record showed "NO HARM" which basically means the woman in question, said Scott had done these things so he would get arrested. This doesnt fit the agenda, so they have to keep saying it was Child abuse!!

So in the usual manner of Dazzathecamerman and his minions , they posted video after video of this supposed assualt of a child. Not once mentioning the "No HARM" and not once mentioning that he had never molested a child as people were saying.

Ok so now not only is Scott being accussed of being a child molester, but now he beats and attacks children too!


This still does not make Scott of Plant X News run away either, because its obviously made up to fit the usual DazzatheCameraman agenda!

So what else can Dazza and his minons do to get Scott to run away and hide? Well the next great agenda was to find his children through Facebook! They find his teenage daughter and the brilliant and sick idea they come up with is to send her pornographic images!

Yes thats right sending sick images to a young teenage girl! This is how low Dazza and the sick people he loves to be pally with do!!

Sadly Scotts elderly Grandmother dies, this is a great opportunity for Dazzathecamerman David Greig / Greg's minions to use to their advantage. They decide to use Scotts Grandmother to torment Scott. They use the picture of his Deceased Grandmother(which they spent hours probably days searching for) to make up channels in her name and use her picture on these channels, uploading videos attacking Scott to these channels.

Are you starting to get the picture of the type of sicko's that Dazzathecameraman has as friends yet?

The next trick that Dazzathecameraman had up is sleeve was to contact Scott's Dad. Yes you saw right his DAD!

This according to David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman was to inform him of what Scott has been saying about him!

Thats right the things kids do "I'm going to tell your dad what your saying" This is the act of a supposedly grown man!!

David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman contacting Scott's Dad

The truth is Dazzathecameraman contacted Scott's Dad to see if he could find anything else out that he could either humilliate him or attack him once again.

Did David Greig - Greg make a video about contacting Scott's Dad?. Nope he left that to his little minions again. After all Dazzathecameraman can not be seen to be snooping and show the person he really is, the sick person.


David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman Troll minions post Scotts Dad

And so the attacks on Scott from Planet X News still continues from Dazzathecameraman and his Minions. All this because Scott was supposed to have told a lie about Scott Ferguson Astronomy Live? 

 David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman Shows scott on FacebookDazzathecameraman Tauranga New Zealand

David Greig Greg Christopher Lippincott both in on Attack of ScottDazzathecameraman New Zealand Attacks Scott from other ChannelsAstronomy Live Scott Ferguson Still in on the attacks of Scott


 From the videos Dazzathecameraman still uploads from not only his own channel, but the two other channels he owns, this looks how a person with some type of mental disorder would be doing.

DazzatheCameraman Tauranga New Zealand obsession with Scott

It seems because Scott will not back down to the Almighty Dazza then he is hell bent on trying to destroy Scotts life. This is the way Dave Greg Greig rolls, he has tried this with several other Youtubers, but he is now starting to meet his match,

as the Youtubers now do not bow down and have a backbone and stick up for themselves.

David Greig Gregg Tauranga New Zealand SickoDavid Greig Greg New Zealand Harasser and Stalker

Anyone who knows Scott from Planet X News knows he's no angel and he even admits it himself, But when David Greig Greg Dazzathecameraman hangs around and is proud to be associated with people in his Troll group who some themselves have criminal records. Which include MULTIPLE DRUG CHARGES, THEFT, ROBBERY,CHILD NEGLECT AND DRUG TRAFFICING. He is fine with what they have done, and its ok because it is in their past, then it just goes to show how the attack at Scott that is still ongoing is a personal thing and nothing to do with debunking. It is because the almight Dazzathecameraman can not get his own way and there are more and more people who are now realising what a nasty evil sicko he is , and his squeaky clean reputation is slowly going down the drain.

Dazzathecamerman David Greig/Greg has previously admitted that he suffers with paranoid delusions through the medication he is suppossed to be taking for his suppossed medical conditon. Is this the reason David Greig/Greg does the things he does, and has Delusions of Grandeur ? Who knows but something is definitely wrong how David Greig/Greg Dazzathecameraman gets besotted with people and goes all out to try to destroy them!!

David Greig Greg Sicko Stalker

 The Final Sick thing about this David Greig all for Truth and  Honesty does NOT Say a word or make a video, while his Best Pal Lippincott pulls a Gofundme scam. That is all fine with him ? WHY ?

Unjustified attack by Dazzathecameraman of Scott Planet X News

Unjustified attack by Dazzathecameraman of Scott Planet X News.



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