As we all know Christopher Neill Lippincott from 5005 NE Loraine St Haltom city Texas, always says this is is not him and that everyone is wrong. Well we will be showing what we have found out what

Christopher Neill Lippincott does not want people to know.

We have found that through his Hawaii connection, that he is Christopher Neill Lippincott. and that he is also known as Christopher Lippencott. We know this because his is also connected to Sheri Lippincott.

Sheri Lippincott has connections to Christopher Neill Lippincott, as she was married to him and she also lived with him in Hawaii, and also in Haltom City.

As you can see in the images below he has lived at the same places she has.

Christopher Neill Lippincott Haltom City Texas HawaiiSheri Lippincott Christopher Neill Lippincott Haltom City texas

                                                                       Christopher Lippincott also uses Lippencott lived in Waipahu Hawaii                  as did Sheri T Lippincott 

Christopher Neill Lippincott Sheri Lippincott Haltom city Texas

Sheri Lippincott is the female that Christopher Lippincott beat when he was stationed in Hawaii while serving in the armed forces. This is why there is no deatails of the accual offense as the armed forces always keep it in house and will only disclose to the police for public record what the offense was and not the deatails.As we showed in a previous article Christopher Lippincott does have a criminal record for harming a family member.

Christopher Lippincott States he doesnt have a criminal record and that he has never been arested. But as shown below is images from which show his name and his date of birth which are for traffic offences.

One which was for no insurance which he likes to boast that he never pays insurance on his car!!!  

Christopher Lippincott Haltom City Texas arrested Christopher Neill Lippincott No Insurance Haltom City Texas

Sheri Lippincott uses alias as does her ex husband Christopher Neill Lippincott.

Sheri Lippincott AKA Sheri Shimomura Haltom City TexasSheri Shimomura Lippincott Haltom City Texas

She is connected in every name she uses to Christopher Lippincott and his alias Lippencott. She has also lived in the same places as him.

Another alias she uses is Sheri T Robertson.Still connected to christopher Lippincott .

Sheri Shimomura Robertson Lippincott Haltom City Texas

Sheri Lippincott aka Sheri Shimomura AKA Sheri Robertson and Christopher Neill Lippincot/Lippencott also have connections to these other people.

Christopher Neill Lippincott related to Brian Lippincott Texas

Brian Lippincott has connections to Sheri Shimomura , and Jennifer Lippincott.

Brian Lippincott Christopher Neill Lippincott Sheri Lippincott Haltom City TexasChristopher Lippincott Brian Lippincott  connection

Brian Lippincott is married to Jenifer Lippincott and both are friends on Facebook with Sheri Shimomura.

Sheri Lippincott Shimomura Robertson FacebookSheri Shimomura Lippincott Robertson Haltom City Texas

So it is quite obvious that Christopher Lippincott is related to these people. What we found out next is pretty amazing.

Brian Lippincott Sheri Shimomura Jenny Lippincott david Greig Greg New Zealand    link to image on Imgur, incase friends list hidden.

See who is on the friends list of Brian Lippincotts wife Jenny Lippincott, none other than the one and only David Greg Greig Dazzathecameraman!!

Now what are the chances of him being friends with Brian Lippincotts wife?. Why would he be friends with her? What is his motive for this?. As we all know David Greg Greig Dazzathecameraman is always there wherever you look.

Is his motive for being friends as he has previously done, with Scott From Planet X news, when he messaged his dad, the same reason here to get dirt on Christopher Neill Lippincott?. Or is he telling his usual cock and bull story to

Christopher Lippincotts family that Christopher Lippincott is the most upstanding truthful man he has known, and he is only making his slanderous disgusting websites full of lies and made up articles, and made up criminal charges ( No Proof as usual, no links etc)  because according to David Greig Greg this site which shows videos, comments and criminal records they are all so proud of putting on Youtube are now slander, because they are on here to show everyone what him and his little sick minons are really like.!!

Maybe David Grieg Greg Dazzathecameraman can explain , why yet again he is involved with Christopher Lippincott's family!! As we all know David Greig/Greg ls always around either dishing dirt or trying to get dirt on people

to use the information to try and Blackmail people to get what he wants!!

Christopher Neill Lippincott Haltom City Texas David Greig Greg New zealand 

The two best pals and partners in crime Christopher Neill Lippincott and David Greig/Greg both sick individuals who obviously have a dirty secret and is the reason they keep together to cover it up!!




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