When and HOW TROLL Scheme and Plan the attacks in Private Busted


The Youtube used by Gangs of Druggies ex criminal dregs of life to bully and harrass each other, In this sample which again Youtube must hold their heads in shame to, they let any Tom Dick or excon, have live broadcast facility, yes any account with a phone number Youtube Google allow and condone bullying and putting whatever information they can decide to, from made up lies to Private details, as below in this video , This Information was put out Public for all to see copy and harrass the chosen victim.

This story is one of a Brandon Pittman Husband to Sara Pittman of Ohio, being called out as being this same G4 user, it is most likely correct as they sound similar and both are in the whats known on Youtube as the Scum Class Rat Gang,
The Gang members use Youtube for the activities of Blackmails and general disruptions and scam promotions and more, NOT for any quality video making, just for sinister uses.

Note in the video as below still shots, The gathering of the Gang and how they discuss the next targets, one a Scott and the other a Kuske, Plainly shown in the snapshot taken by a insider who is so disgusted with the evil sick goings on he risked attack but felt needed to advise the Youtubers.. So well done to that man whoever he is. Balls to stop and prewarn is something others should do instead of cowering to the low lifer sicko saddo gang, as most do..


NOTE The - Kids Room-  Yes Mental ages of kids with the little gangs and Bullying Gangs, thats what drugs do !!  The Brains freeze in sick kids mode..


The Number as you can see is Brandon Pittman Mobile and was live leaked by the G4 and Publicly displayed whilst phoning it. as below the Pittmans are in the TROLL Rat gang and a major player so it is most ironic that this went live and Public..


The Pittmans are known as the Fat Big Rats in the Gang, drugs is the life they lead, and nothing they do not know about drugs and addictions, even having criminal records and paying the price, for the addiction. Is G4 Brandon Pittman as is told? was this all a clever pretend ploy but the number leaked by a glitch on live show? Who knows for sure, but one thing if a Pittman is around shit and trouble follows..



HOW TROLL Scheme Plan Attacks BUSTED

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