William A Price STARBUCKS Bin Raider wi fi hacking stalker over the years

Warnings of what being a Bin Stalker and abuser does over the years. A Exposure of William A Price Waptek Services Online, the reality and behind the scenes.
Watch and see 2012 luxury living and Company vehicle and the luxury Pad where Price, schemes and rests before going to his favorite Coffee shop, STARBUCKS. See how his day time Starbucks office has such top quality Internet useage facilities, and even FREE foods from the Recycling Bins, where FREE snacks of part eaten biscuits cakes are always available.

This is direct from Waptek, William Price own photo albums and what it showed is just how bad alcohol and drugs and being a hacker stalker is NOT good for the body or brain.
SHOW To Your kids to both warn them of William Price at Starbucks Portland Oregon, and what drug and alcohol abuse does.

TREAT it as a SAFETY Advice Promotion, warning the Citizens of Portland Oregon, whilst also keeping the Young from a road of bad, and it may just keep them on the straight and narrow.

William A Price STARBUCKS Bin Raider  William A Price STARBUCKS Bin Raider

STARBUCKS William A Price STARBUCKS Bin Raider  Slanderer-of-PETER-KUSKE-William-A-Price-WAPTek-Portland-Oregon-USA williamAPriceportlandOregonsignSTARBUCKS




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