The Famous Diaries of a Madman Christopher lock up your kids & Women Lippincott


In this Famous Video Christopher (lock up your kids and women) Lippincott, Shows the Truth and the PROOF in his normal calm beat you with a baseball bat, love little blonde boys way. If anyone still has any doubts about just how mad this C N Lippincott of  TBR Certified Boat sales in Haltom City, Fort Worth, Texas is? Just Watch this blockbuster movie.. Its a video that will just keep you in stitches and make you wonder why he has not been sectioned and put in rehab yet? Haltom City Looney Tune at his best.

Like the drunken video Man says, check out the TRUTH and do not be a little tiny boy. Be a full blown druggy drunkered angry man, like TROLL Rat gang member Chris Lippincott or Lippencott , dependant on if Police are looking or not? see below, how even his Partner online Boyfriend David Greig or Greg depends on who is looking for him also ! , confirmed as he got the wrong Lippincott family to secretly message,  lol  Yes indeed one thing this RAT Team gang is pretty good at is screwing up , both themselves, and others all for sick kicks or master harrass and extortion plans, and God knows what real sick stuff this Gang are in to?


Have You spotted the message?  Finleys Boats Texas, Todd Finley & Lippincotts Boats,  has been paying Lippincott CASH in hand all these years !!  oh dear now that is interesting but NO Surprise .A seperate issue but explains why Todd Finley has got fatter while Loony Tunes Lippincott is a wreck of a drugged drunk mess,  No Tax paid No Employers contributions etc,etc..  Just another add to the list, blackmail, assaults, scams and such etc, , and now tax evasions..

The Famous Diaries of a Madman Christopher Lippincott Texas




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