Today 31st May 2018  YoutubeRats was made a very generous offer by another Youtube channel owner. The generous offer was made in a video , and although he was making the offer to the wrong person ( as they DO NOT OWN THIS WEBSITE! I DO !) I felt it fair to respond to the offer made.

Below is the audio of the part in the video where the generous offer was made.

Firstly i think he's getting a bit confused! YoutubeRats is a website, as i have stated many many times there has never been a YoutubRats Youtube channel, and if there is any on Youtube then they are fake channels.

 He clearly stated he wanted this website taken down! Why is that? Oh because his ickle "Friends" on Youtube are on here, maybe he should chose his friends more wisely? Not my problem his "Friends " are all criminals and make threats, try to blackmail people and promote websites that are full of slander and made up criminal records!

Then the creme de la creme! The offers!

1. Take Sara J Pittman off here,and he wont pester me? ( who the hell is he?)

2. Do i want YoutubeRats to be really popular? ( HELL YEAH!)

3. He's going to get YoutbeRats 100,000 hits! Wow just by him doing his show and networking! Great!

4. If i take Sara Pittman off YoutubeRats it wont be popular and he wont get the website 100.000 hits! (Thumbs down on that one)

5. I can keep everyone else on here . Obviously he thinks they deserve it and are not his friends anymore!

Ok after about 2 minutes of thinking really hard about the offers. I think i will take the keep Sara J Pittman on here and he will make YoutubeRats really popular and get us 100,000 hits. Too good an offer to refuse really. Thanks you are so generous! Now dont go back on the deal, i'm going to keep to my side of the deal!!

Lets hope he's not a bullshitter! Seen as his Youtube videos average about 40 to 50 ish views ( unless hes talking about someone!) Hopefully he will get another 99,950 views and get YoutubeRats these 100,000 hits. I will just have to wait and see!

He is right about the scruffy bloke who sits by the bins at starbucks,i dont think he would be worth many hits!

Sharp as a razor this bloke, to have thought of this great deal!

Now let me get this right , he wants his little friend Sara Pittman off this website because she is a lady? ( sorry just nearly chocked on my coffee!)

Does he mean this Sara Pittman?

Sara Pittman Beavercreek Ohio Druggie Sara Pittman Beavercreek Ohio Ex Convict and Druggie

 Maybe he has selective memory?. He obviously forgets this (lady!) Sara J Pittman, vigorously defended the notorious blackmailer Christopher Lippincott. He states she is new to youtube, yet she tells everyone that everything about Christopher Lippincott was lies and that he never blackmailed anyone etc etc. So she obviously is just a stupid idiot who runs around sticking her nose into everyones business. He also forgets she attacks people with criminal records and likes to publish them in videos all over Youtube, yet she has criminal charges herself!!

Sara Pittman Beavercreek Ohio convicted criminalSara Pittman 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio USA Court Record Stolen Goods convicted criminal

He also has selective memory on how she gave another Youtubers criminal records to her good friend Christopher Lippincott to allow him to attack the person and to try to belittle him.

Sara Pittman Beavercreek Ohio doxing people to her best buddy Christopher Lippincott

Lets not forget how she sent another youtubers dead grandmothers picture to her Troll mates so they could  harass them by making up hatefull pictures, and youtube channels using their Grandmothers picture.

Sara Pittman Beavercreek Ohio Evil sick ex con druggie

He also seems to forget that she likes to go around promoting her best buddies websites ( probably had a part in making them too, more investigations going on to find out for sure!) Which are full of completely made up accusations of criminal records and false news articles, with absolutely no proof or links, as thats what the trolls do. They make things up because myself and the other person on their websites have no criminal records, so they make everything up! She also likes to call people Pedophiles, because her best buddy Christopher Lippincott does that, and she is so in awe of him she likes to copy him and stick up for him( see why i think she could be involved in the making of the sick websites?)

Sara Pittman 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio Ex con evil liar Sara Pittman Beavercreek convicted thief and druggie

I am Kitty chops who she is refering to, and "Taste of own medicine" means her best friend Christopher Lippincotts sick websites! ( another connection to her helping with websites!) 

These are just a few snipets of what a lovely lady Sara Pittman of Beavercreek Ohio is. The full article on her can be found here:

Another thing i feel i should address is that this generous bloke ( who Is going to get YoutubeRats popular!) stated in the video that he has been put on this website. Well lets see who the men ( and i use that term very lightly) are on this website.

William A Price By the bins at Starbucks Portland Oregon  Willam A Price. Hangs around the bins at Starbucks Portland Oregon. Well it is definitley not him., although this is his idol!

Tige Hand Covington Georgia  Tige Hand . I dont think its this guy. I think hes a mute, he just makes videos with text in them and about peoples comments! Plus i dont think his mom would let him!

Christopher Lippincott Haltom City Texas woman beater Christopher Lippincott. Definitely not him, Chris is into little Blonde haired boys, Blackmail and making bullshit websites and videos.

David Greig/Greg/Dazzathecameraman Tauranga Pillans Point school New Zealand David Greig/Gregg/Dazza. Definitley not him. He's got a boring voice, plus it would make him too tired and cause him to have headaches doing that much work. Also he has to make time to teach the kids from Pillans Point school, and make his videos trying to belittle people.

Charles Todd Finley Haltom City Texas Charles Todd Finley. Dont think its him. Dont think he has time as He runs a business paying people cash in hand, fits secondhand parts as new and gets his employer Christopher Lippincott to beat you with a baseball bat if you complain.

Brandon Pittman Beavercreek Ohio Sara Pittmans Dealer Ex druggie Brandon Pittman. It could be him, seen as his is Sara Pittmans Husband. Sounds very similar. Also only wants Sara J Pittman of OHIO, of this site, all the others sicko's can stay. Unless he wants to give me another generous offer.

Maybe he can enlighten me who he is, seen as these are the only ones so far on here. 

Once again i'd like to thank him for his generous offer, maybe i will get more hits from him now i've mentioned Sara Pittman again!

 NOTE;  IF This Mr X Is not Brandon Pittman, and anyone has Information on who this Sharp as a Razor Speaking Guy is, let us know in absolute discretion of course. ( email any info..) As he is a total nothing channel and YoutubeRats has no idea of his channel.. But CERTAINLY Need to have him on the websites as he is a lover of Shitter Rats ,,



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